Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Clean up

Today we are going to pack up the Christmas tree and decorations in hope of finding a cleaner tidier house under the Christmas chaos (Ha).

I thought I would catalogue a few of our christmas decorations and traditions before they disappear for another year.

Our beautiful tree is filled with lovely ornaments that I have been collecting for years. Whenever we travel I try to pick up a Christmas ornament as a memento. It's a small inexpensive way of remembering the trip (without filling the house with crap).

For instance we have various Santa's...

Hawaii Santa

Halifax Santa

And Florida Santa

We also have quite a few sentimental ornaments. Like this special new one for this year

Or this simple one from my childhood.

And several knit ornaments by my husband's mom, who sadly passed away when he was little.

Through her and my husbands family, I have learned the value of sentimental and homemade objects and have started a Christmas collection of my own.

Ribbon trees (so fun to make!)

This year I tried my hand at my own knitted ornament

Another fun tradition I started this year, was adding a little note to each pocket of the advent calendar. Our advent calendar consists of a blank scene with pockets for each day with little velcro objects to stick on the scene. I don't have completed photo was this is what it looks like before you start.

Everyday my son would get to add an item to the nativity scene and get a note with something to look forward to that day (They included things like "Grandpa arrives today," or "today we will make a gingerbread house" or even "today you get a sticker to put on your shirt"). It was definitely a hit. Next year when my daughter is bigger we will have to alternate days with them.

So that's it. Another Christmas done. It was a lovely one.
I suspect 2011 has a lot in store before we will see these things again. Bring in on : )

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