Friday, January 7, 2011

FO: The Making of a Mobius

My first finished knitting project of 2011 (beating out my first cardigan ever by a day - more on that later).

I wanted to make my mum something knitted for her birthday at the end of January. But what? She lives in Vancouver and it is rarely cold enough there for hats or mittens or big scarves. No way I have enough time for a sweater or any so ambitious.

I saw a cowl on Raverly that I liked and decided to go for it.

It's called Bulky Mobius Cowl I needed super bulky yarn and a 10mm! circular needle.

I picked up two skeins of Rowan Drift in a beautiful misty blue semi-solid
and my very first Addi circular in a 10mm 32''. The pattern called for 36'' but 32 was the biggest I could find and I thought "eh, close enough"

Then I got home and read the pattern for the first time... hmm what the heck is a mobius cast on?

I watched Cat Bordhi's very instructive video and gave it a try. By now I've realized that my needle is likely wayyyy to short but I paid a lot of money for it and am determined to make it work.

My first attempt with 46 stitches was too small and had the dreaded hole at the first stitch (which both the video and the pattern warn you about but I managed to accomplish anyways). The first round was difficult with the shorter circular but still manageable.

I had a second go casting on 60 stitches and low and behold the darn thing worked. It took me one evening of TV watching and one more hour the next day and...
Ta Da!!

I hope my Mum loves it as much as I do : )


  1. Moebius is gorgeous! It looks cosy and the color is just perfect.

  2. Thanks! It was very cool to knit and took less than a day! (I've already picked up some Malabrigo Rasta to knit some more - I couldn't help myself!)