Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Musing

As you enter adulthood, one of the experiences I think a lot of people share is the discovery that the way your family does things is not necessarily the way everyone does things. There is a realization that things you just assumed were a certain way, may not be have to be that way. (The first instance of this moment for me was when I got my first apartment with a roommate and  discovered that vinegar does not actually have to be kept in the fridge - who knew?)

Another (somewhat odd) practice in my family was to make almost anything into a sandwich.  My family looooved sandwiches. Our sandwiches all had specific manners in which they were to be made. For example, bacon sandwiches were never toasted but shrimp sandwiches always were. Some of my lasting favourites are the corn sandwich (not toasted ; ) and the classic british chip butty. Of course, in seventh grade I threw out the peanut butter and honey sandwich my mum made me for lunch everyday for a year, but that's another story)

Perhaps some of these tendencies are genetic rather than learned?

The other night I watched my 2 1/2 year old at the dinner table happily munching away on a self-made broccoli sandwich (not toasted).
That's my boy : )

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