Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've got a couple knitting projects on the go (while I wait for my lovely Bendigo yarn that is being hand delivered on Sunday!)

First is my Tidepool socks. My first socks with heel! I'm hoping to get these finished next month by the pool in Hawaii : )

Next up is a Cabled Scarf from Debbie Bliss' Fall/Winter 2010 magazine. I am really enjoying working with  Cascade Eco+ in this lovely forest green colour.

I love the braided look to the cables although I am wondering if I should have used slightly bigger needles to try and achieve the more drapey look of the original.

Of course there are still lots of items in my queue...

For more WIP's, see Tami's blog hosting us all 
Cheers : )


  1. LOVE the yarn you're using for your socks! I must say, I'm jealous you're going to Hawaii. My husband and I are dying to go!

    The pattern you used for the scarf is awesome. Elegant yet fun at the same time. Great job on it!

  2. I am crazy about cables. The scarf looks great--very warm.

    What kind of sock needles are you using, out of curiosity?

  3. Thanks to you both. The sock needles are Knit Picks Harmonies. A Christmas gift from a friend who knows me very well : ) I have found that some wooden needles can be a bit too sticky for me but these ones are great.

  4. I love the colours on those socks, and the cable pattern on that scarf is making me sigh! It has such a great woven look, and it also looks so soft.

  5. That is a cool looking scarf. Your cables are looking great in that color. I agree that Cascade Eco is wonderful to knit with.

  6. I can't tell you how much I love the color of the sock yarn. Hawaii sounds fabulous, will we get a picture of your sock in progress at the beach?

  7. Knitting by the pool in Hawaii-- I'm so envious! Your projects look great so far.