Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday!!

As I said I would last week, I have pushed everything aside this week to work on my SpillyJane Camilla Mittens. I almost have the first one done.

I have only ever made mittens once before and they were worked flat so these mittens have had a lot of new challenges for me.

  • worked in the round on teeny tiny needles (I'm a little worried about the tension between the the 1st & 2nd needles and the 3rd & 4th needles which occur mid mitten as you can see in the picture - maybe blocking will help even it out?)

  • colorwork throughout (inside out shot)

  • ribbing kitted into the back loop (which I frequently forgot to do)

  • knitting in waste yarn to pick up stitches for the thumb (definitely the toughest part so far but I think it's looking pretty good!)

  • kitchener stitched at the top of the hand and thumb.
  • The best technique I have learned so far is to slip the first cast on stitch onto the end of the last needle and then pass the last cast on stitch over on to the first needle before starting the first round. It makes such a nice tight join to the round!  
Two friends from my Craft Night are working on Camilla mittens too. It will be neat to see how they all turn out.

I did manage to pull myself away from the mittens long enough to finish the back of my "No Star" sweater : )

Now I am trying to organize how much space I have (very little - darn you baggage fees) and which projects are coming with me next week to Hawaii!

Hopefully, I will get a chance to send my next WIP Wednesday from here...

Cheers, Nikki

PS: See some fabulous WIP's through Tami's blog


  1. I had the same problems when knitting Fair Isle / stranded colourwork and switched to two circulars. Also, it's easier to keep the tension constant plus I can't 'throw' the yarn while holding DPNs... Great mittens, btw :-)

  2. Lovely colours you've chosen for your mitts and such neat stitches. Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  3. I love those mittens and they look so perfect.

  4. Those are gorgeous! I love SpillyJane's mittens, but I've never done colorwork and I'm a little afraid!

  5. Do you have room for me in your luggage!!?? I'm so jealous you're going to Hawaii next week.

    Your colorwork for the mittens is jaw-dropping beautiful! Great job on it and all of your challenges are coming out amazing!

  6. I'm another believer when it comes to knitting with two circulars instead of DPNs.

    The mittens are gorgeous! You did a beautiful job on these, especially since you were trying some new techniques. I like it when projects offer at least one new thing to learn. Bon voyage!

  7. @mysmallplace

    I am very keen to learn how to use 2 circulars. Right now I only have one circular in each size. Guess I'll be doing some shopping... and some YouTube watching!

  8. @Mujercita

    These mittens will be my friends first go at colourwork. I'll post a pic when she's done so you can see how it worked out as a first project!

  9. Your mittens are gorgeous! Tiny needles? Argh! I am just learning to use them. Your sweater is beautiful too.

  10. Happy trails! I LOVE your mittens - I'm dying to knit some spillyjane strawberry mittens, and some gnome mittens for next winter. Super cute, but colorwork in the round scares the pants off me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. You won my name the birds contest. Please e-mail me catlady43066 AT yahoo dot com.

  12. Great job so far on the mittens. Blocking does wonders to even everything out, so don't worry. Have a great trip in Paradise!

  13. The mitten looks gorgeous! I love the pattern. And have fun in Hawaii. Enjoy it for all the rest of us!