Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2KCBWDAY3 - Tidy Mind Tidy Stitches/ WIP Wednesday #11

I have to admit that I've been looking forward to this post. 
Last year we finished our basement (aka the man cave) and my only demand request was a craft corner in an existing cutout in the main room. 
I love it : )

I have a large Ikea Expedit storage unit for all my yarn and craft supplies. The acrylics-from-my-past are hidden carefully stored in the black bins along the bottom along with my card making and sewing supplies.

There is little method to the yarn storage itself, except that the prettiest of my pretties are all put together.
So pretty.. sigh

As for my knitting tools, my friend the lovely Lisa gave me the fabulous gift of a Della Q needle case for my birthday last year.
Also pictured is my gorgeous Namaste project bag
(a gift from the-most-wonderful-husband-in-the-world...
no, seriously he just got back from a business trip
and brought me 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh DK.
Does is get any more wonderful than that?)

I have recently inputed my needles onto Rav as I keep buying needles I already have. Grrr! Guess it's time to learn how to use two circs.

I have one shelf where I keep my knitting books and a folder of patterns I have printed out, but the center post of my project and pattern organization is my Ravelry account. 
I know everyone uses Rav a little differently. Basically, I use the favourites function for patterns I think I would like to knit one day. Or, I use it to mark projects I think are super awesome or have modification information that I think will be helpful. I use my queue to pair my yarn purchases with patterns I have planned for them. I love looking back at my projects page to see all the things I have made. I also try to keep notes on my projects of changes I made to the patterns or things I would do differently next time. I'm always happy to make friends on Rav and see what everyone is up to. You can find me here

All this organization serves me well to get on with my actual knitting. Right now, I am working on a sweater for my little boy (like my segue there?). The "No Star" sweater is getting some striped sleeves and I think that they are looking pretty good!

Knicroblo is only for a week but every Wednesday you can go to Tami's blog where she happily hosts a works-in-progress free for all.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. ooo clever segue! I haven't done any WIPW for FO Friday for this week. Blog Week has taken over BIG style.

  2. I have one of those storage units for my daughter to put her toys on yet the toys always seem to be on the floor/bed/anywhere but the shelves and I stand in her room imagining how it would look if yarn lived in it instead!

  3. Love your craft area. It looks very organized and easy to use.

  4. Looks nice and organized. But not sure I would want my craft area near the man cave. Good crafting time would be when the men in the cave are doing manly things like throwing things at the tv so the referee knows he made a lousy call. He's busy, and so you could be too, but I wouldn't want to be in the same local. Do you have any issues with your yarn not being in a container to keep out the basement dampness and or to keep it from getting dusty?

  5. I love your storage :) I'm so jealous of loads of different versions I've seen across the blogosphere today... I'm dreaming wistfully of the day I can have one of my own!

  6. Ooh! I'm such an organization geek, and your shelving is totally pushing my buttons. Love! I'm excited to see your finished No-Star sweater -- I totally think you made the right choice with the stripey sleeves. Yay, stripes!

  7. @Sandy
    It is extremely dry where I live - like a really cold desert. So damp is definitely not an issue. I've haven't noticed much dust but I'm thinking of picking up the clear plastic bins that Ikea makes to fit the shelves as a little added protection.
    Truth is when the man cave is in use my girlfriends and I are usually knitting upstairs on the comfy couches anyways : )

  8. I love your storage system! Every time I'm at IKEA I always envision those bookshelves in my house for the purpose you are using them. Sigh. One day. Your space gives me inspiration though.

  9. Nikki! I LOVE LOVE your craft area! Keep up the good work on the blog! :)

  10. He bought you Madeleinetosh? He's a keeper!!

  11. What a husband! First you got a corner of the man cave and then you got some Madelinetosh! He needs to start a blog catering to husbands of knitters--just to spread some ideas around. :)

  12. Nikki, I love this post. Your craft area is awesome! What a great husband, too! I love your needle case. I need something like that. It's great to hear how different people use Ravelry. I, too, love to look at all of my projects on the project page. :) The sweater looks great!

  13. Oh I always dream of being this organized! Somehow it never happens...I do love seeing how different people organize their craft supplies though, what a great little corner!

  14. That storage unit is awesome! Boy I could really use something like that.

  15. Lucky you -- a husband who buys great yarn & shares the man cave with it too :-) I'm a lousy housekeeper so I keep all my yarn in closed plastic bins to keep it dust-free, but the bins are definitely not as pretty to look at as your shelves! You make me want to organize the crafty space...

  16. You are so organized...I have ikea cupboard envy.

  17. I love your Expedit. Everything is so neat and tidy. Note to self: must buy one ASAP. It's interesting to see how others are using ravelry to organize their knitting life. I must say that you have a very awesome yarn buying husband.