Friday, March 11, 2011

FO Friday #3 - Cupcakes and Camilla Recap

OK, this might be cheating a bit as I have already posted an FO Friday about my Camilla Mittens.... My craft night group took on the Camilla mittens as part of a KAL and I wanted to share our various results with you. (I apologize in advance for the poor, indoor, late night lighting in the photos)

In the end, four of us attempted the mittens. Two of us finished in time to get free patterns from SpillyJane, one finished after the deadline, and one pair ended up in the frog pile.

First up are the magenta and teal mittens by knitApolloknit

When N told me she wanted to use some worsted weight yarn she had in her stash for this project (despite the pattern calling for fingering), I thought she was going to end up making mittens for a giant. But, she found this project by garagebutterfly, with modifications for worsted weight.

They were knit using 4mm & 6mm needles using Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full o'Sheep. Find her full project details here

I think they turned out amazing AND they knit up so quickly that the rest of us were very jealous. She didn't get them quite done in time for the free pattern but has decided to treat herself to the Gnome Mittens she was coveting anyways.

Next up are these lovely mittens by pricelesspurls.
Unfortunately, this crummy picture doesn't do them justice. These were B's first go at colourwork and I think they turned out amazing!

They were knit on 2.75mm DPNs with Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka. They ended up being a comfortable adult size (B's husband has being wearing them on the bus to work and she had to sneak them over for me to get this photo : )

B finished her mittens done by the end of February and was treated to the pattern for Swedish Fish mittens for her effort.

My mittens you have seen before. Details can be found on this post or on my project page here. In the end I chose Wintertime for Adriana for my free pattern.

Finally, we have have the mitten attempt by leftheadknitter. These mittens knit up beautifully using Ultra Alpaca Fine and 2.25 needles. Unfortunately, towards the end of the first mitten it became apparent that they were going to be the right size for a large child. With the deadline passed and no large child in sight these mittens were put in timeout to be frogged and reknit on bigger needles at a later date.

We all agreed that Camilla is a very well written pattern. We all felt our colourwork skilled improved by the end of this project. Our experience was that the mittens tended to run a little small when knit on 2.25mm (US1) needles. I have heard this sentiment repeated by a few people in the "I Love Mittens" group on Rav. We all knit our mittens on DPNs but I would be keen to learn how to use 2 circs to avoid the tension issues mid-mitten.

Our Craft Night is every Wednesday night, usually at leftheadknitter's house.  This week I managed to hijack everyone's work by getting their help with decorating cupcakes for my Monkey's 3rd birthday the next day (this by the way is my attempt at a segue to something somewhat  not-at-all related to the previous topic)

From my browsing of images on the internet, I decided to make Thomas the Train (and James and Percy) cupcakes that looked great but would be very easy (ha).

I would never have got them done by myself but I am thrilled with the results we managed together with only about 1 hours work : )

And we had more than a little fun along the way : )

I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends.

I served them up to three little boys (and four big girls) the next day and they went over great. Of course, none of the boys were able to figure out what the cupcakes were supposed to be without a little prompting (clearly these kids need to watch more TV ; )

Happy Birthday my big boy!
Have a great weekend and please go to Tami's blog and check out some awesome FO's from people who didn't cheat.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Those cupcakes are fabulous!

    You are lucky to have friends to knit with. All of the mittens came out beautifully.

  2. PS - you can definitely felt things in a front loader. I did it myself. The reason people think you can't is because the door locks during the cycle. I got around this on my old top loader by using the Quick Wash cycle which was only about 16 minutes, and then doing it a second time if need be. There are threads on Ravelry with tips. If you can't find the info there, let me know, I think I have at least one thread in my favorites on this.

  3. Those cupcakes are adorable, and it's really neat to see how the different colors all worked up. :)

  4. I love all the colours in this post---a rainbow of mittens and of cupcakes!

  5. My nieces would LOVE those cupcakes. They're both huge Thomas fans.

    I love all of the color combos of the mittens. Great job everyone!

  6. The mittens look great. I just love those cupcakes.