Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday #8 - Get me the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of here!

Ahhh, springtime in Calgary: the warmth, the greenery, the flowers budding... NO WAIT!

We interrupt this insane fantasy to bring you a horrific episode of:


Where have the sun and the palm trees gone?

Despite the drastic climate change, I am still enjoying knitting this sock. Turning the heel was much easier than I expected (although I think using a well written pattern probably helped).

My big problem is that I'm pretty sure that the sock is going to be too small for me (which is frustrating as I frogged the first go and used smaller needles because I though the first one would be too big). I can't think of anyone one I know with really little feet who is older than 3 (it will be wayyyy to big for my toddler) and I'm not sure that I will be able to motivate my way through the second sock without a recipient in mind.
Sooo this lovely sock may be destined for the frog pile... again. If that happens, I may put it into timeout for a while and come back to it later.

Things are a little brighter however with my 'Honeyed Mushrooms' Cowl. I am absolutely loving the yarn and the stitch pattern.

I was really hoping to have it finished by Friday but it is my Monkey's 3rd birthday tomorrow and I will be spending tonight making cupcakes so I doubt I will have an FO for this Friday. Maybe I'll post my cupcakes : )

As always, there is a plethora of fabulous WIP's to check out in Tami's blog.

Hope spring has sprung where you are. Happy Wednesday!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Nikki, I didn't know you lived in Calgary! Are you hockey/Flames fans? What a different climate, from Hawaii to Calgary! LOL, I'm sure you sock went into shock from the cold and shrunk! That's it, right? ;)

  2. @Tami Klockau

    Tami, I am definitely a hockey fan. I was born and raised in Vancouver so it's Canucks all the way!

  3. Honeyed cowl looks great! Don't give up on that pretty sock until you wash it -- if it's mostly wool, you can probably stretch it a bit to fit. Mine usually "relax" some when I wear them, too.

  4. Your cowl is gorgeous! And don't give up hope on your sock yet, Marushka's right, it should stretch out some. And as for Friday, cupcakes totally count as an FO! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  5. I'm sorry about your snowy return-from-vacation reality check. I loved seeing your Hawaii photos and know it must be hard to be back. Still your post gave me a giggle. I love the texture of that Honey Cowl. . . off to favorite it!

  6. From palm trees to snow is quite the reality check. Hang in there! Spring will be here soon. Your cowl is looking great. The texture is lovely. And congratulations on winning the Shibui Sock yarn on my contest. I'll be in touch through ravelry. Hope your little one has a wonderful birthday!

  7. The honey cowl looks awesome. I love the semi-solidness. Good luck braving the weather!