Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday # 14 - Continuing to Cable

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 
My day is full of happiness and light in the wake of the Canuck's nail biting, Game 7, overtime win last night... PHEW! (Sorry Denise)

In my knitting life, things are moving along although I fear it may not look like it in this post.

I am nearing the finish on the back of my Cables in Storm Clouds vest. I love the way it looks, although it is seems mighty skinny and I hope it blocks out a lot wider.

Today, I will cast on my next project. A small foray into felting!!! I am soooo excited to try this. I have decided to start small so I won't be so crushed if it's a total disaster.

But where, you ask, is Croissant?

I'll give you a hint:
This is the 1.5 grams of alpaca yarn I have left.
Come back on Friday to see more!!

I'm off to Tami's blog to check in on some more projects in progess. Join me?

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Yay, felting! Can't wait to see it?

  2. I meant... can't wait to see it!!!
    (silly switching question and exclamation marks)

  3. I love the look of those cables, I just want to squish them! They look so cozy.

    And yay for felting! Felting is like magic, to me. I've only done small projects so far, too, and I hope you'll have as much fun with it as I have. :)

  4. Beautiful Aran pattern. Can't wait to see the finished vest.

  5. The vest looks fab! Iv never cabled so I love this!

  6. @littleredcraftingcorner

    It's really easy and looks so great. You should give it a go!

  7. Wow, that vest is amazing! Canucks are bringin' the cup home this year!!!

  8. When I grow up I wanna knit like you. WOW, the cable looks awesome!

  9. Ah, what a great cliffhanger! I'll have to be back on Friday to see about Croissant!

    Good luck with the felting (my first project was. . . interesting) and congrats on your team making it past quarterfinals. My team. . . didn't. :(

  10. The vest looks great. Congratulations on the Canucks. We'll get you next year. *grin*

    I'm not a big fan of felting, so good luck with that.

  11. I really want to give felting a go, I hope its a success for you!

    I love the cabling on the vest! I hope it blocks correctly for you!


    I just learnt to cable, and it is really easy! You should definitely give it a go :)

    P.S, I use blogspot as well and I was wondering how you got the reply feature on the comments?

  12. LOL at that sad little leftover bit of yarn :)

  13. That sure was a nail-biter. Sorry to say that I was rooting for the Hawks, as my husband is from Chicago, and well, I'm not a huge fan of a few Canucks fans (but not you! LOL).

    The cables look GREAT!