Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And now for something completely different....

I just found out that I have been successful in my application for a new community garden plot in my neighborhood.

I am soooo excited.

I just have one problem... I know NOTHING about gardening
(let alone growing vegetables)
(let alone in a place with a cold climate and very short growing season)

But still... very exciting!

I have some books.

And some seeds.

Ok, so maybe I went a little crazy on the seeds
My 3 year old is also very excited. The first thing he asked was could we "please grow some sausages and bacon?"

I don't know anything about gardening... but I'm pretty sure the answer to that one is "No"

Watch this space!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Wow that is so exciting! I hope you have lots of fun digging in the dirt. I look forward to pictures of growing things ;-)

  2. That is fab! And to get the littlies involved too. If you succeed with the Bacon Tree, let me know. I have a huge love of bacon!

  3. P.S. If only Bacon Trees existed *cries*

  4. SO exciting---garden-fresh vegetables are heavenly! (...I wish I knew anything about growing them, myself! I depend solely on the kindness of strangers [or my dad] for mine.) I hope yours will do fabulously. And that you discover the elusive Bacon Plant. ;)

  5. I look forward to watching your garden grow too. The comment from your 3 yr. old especially cracked me up, as one year we raised pigs in our garden space, and their names were "Sausage" and "Bacon"!