Friday, May 13, 2011

FO Friday #12 - For a Wee Welshie

Happy Friday everyone : )

I refuse to let my 10th FO Friday post in a row be defeated by something as pathetic as a Blogger system crash! Friday the 13th be damned!! So, here it is, with 9 hours to spare (mountain time).

It is my pleasure to present:

Cables in Storm Clouds

Pattern: Pembroke Vest by Kristen Kapur
Size 12 months
Yarn: Cascade 220 superwash
Colourway 900 - 1.1 skeins used
Knit Picks nickel interchangable circ. 3.75 & 4.5 mm (US 5 & 7)
Knit Picks nickel DPN's 3.75mm/US 5
cable needle
darning needle
2 buttons (purchased at The Knitting Room)
stitch holders
Button close up. They have little snowflakes that are tough o see in this shot

I am sold on knitted vests as baby boy presents. They are fun and quicker than sweaters to knit. As a mum, I know they are easy to use in a baby wardrobe. In general, I like to knit patterns that are at least 6 months and bigger. That way, it doesn't really matter the finished size, because unless it turns out super tiny, it will fit at some point. Also, newborns have the ability to grow out of clothes in less time than it takes to change their diaper. They are also pukey little blobs who are probably most comfortable in in onesies and sleepers.  So, I like to knit a size that will last a little longer, be a little more functional and still look darn cute.

I enjoyed this pattern. It was clear and easy to follow. I knit the 12 month size and ended up with a vest that is probably a 9- 12 month size. I found the shoulder shaping a little strange and think, considering it is a V-neck, that the buttons are probably unnecessary on the 6 & 12 month sizes. I didn't really learn any new skills but am becoming more and more comfortable with sweater shaping and seaming.

Overall, I am thrilled with the result and excited to send it off to my cousin's new little lad in Wales.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. That's just adorable. I agree with going a little bigger on baby clothes. They grow so fast.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. My sister is expecting... now I'm hoping its a boy so I can knit this!

  3. WOW, that's gorgeous, you did a fantastic job. Everything about this is beautiful.

  4. What a great gift -- very useful, very cuddly, beautifully done!

  5. My jaw is hanging open a little, I love those cables! The buttons you picked are perfect, too. If I had a little boy, I would be clamoring to be on your Gift List. :D

  6. Very cute. I love this pattern and the buttons you chose. Great colour, also - very sophisticated.

  7. I'm sold on them too! I like the buttoned side for a larger opening because the first one I made had to be redone looser to accommodate the head of a toddler. I have a photo of mine on my blog.

  8. Nikki, that's gorgeous and I LOVE the buttons. Wood buttons were the way to go, and the little snowflakes on them make it even better!

  9. This is so adorable! I absolutely love the cables and color and those buttons. I am seriously considering making my sweater phobic little guy one of these.