Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday # 15 - Sweater Swatching

Happy Wednesday everybody!

What a week! Federal elections, royal weddings, major news events... wow!
My knitting has kept me company as I have sat on the sidelines watching it all unfold.

My "Cables in Storm Clouds" vest (Pembroke vest) was progressing well. I have finished the back and the the front... and I have also run out of yarn. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to get more today.

My "First Felt" has been a lot of fun. Here's a sneak peek of it in it's wonky pre-felt state.

Come back on Friday to see how it turned out!

Finally, I have realized that if I am going to achieve my New Year's resolution of knitting a sweater for each person in my family, I need to get on with the big one's. Sooooooo, I am swatching for my first adult sized sweater - and it's for meeeeee! (and as usual my row gauge is on and my stitch gauge is off, sigh).

There is always more going on in WIP Wednesday through Tami's blog. Check it out!

I'll try and post a some photos from my tape delayed Royal wedding party tomorrow. So fun!
Cheers, Nikki


  1. I can't wait to see how your phone case felts up! :D I love the colours. I also love the colours on that sweater-swatch, as well as that pattern.

  2. Ooh, felting magic! Fun! It blows my mind every time when it works. Maybe I'm just easily amuzed. Loving your owls yarn, too. Hope your gauge gets with the program soon, and that your vest (squee! cute!) yarn materializes as well.

  3. Those owls are so pretty - can't wait to see your FO!

  4. lots of fun! I have never purposely knitted to felt but I love to wet felt. Can't wait to see your post on Friday.

  5. Wow a sweater for all the family that is impressive. I knitted a pair of owl fingerless gloves and they look great. Very fun project

  6. My gauge problem is usually the opposite of yours -- I can get stitch gauge but rarely match row gauge. Maybe that's why I knit so many shawls?

    The Owls sweater is just beautiful. I hope you enjoy making it.

  7. Yep, I'm trying to make a tank top and can't seem to get the stitch gauge. I feel your pain. I'm so jealous you're making the Owls sweater. It's my all time favorite. The color is beautiful too!

    Looking forward to seeing the felting!

  8. That sweater is going to be gorgeous! Very much looking forward to watching you work on it in the coming weeks!