Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday #16 - A New Love

Happy Wednesday everyone!

You have caught me in a great mood. The weather is gorgeous and I am typing this on my laptop, in a t-shirt while out in the sun : ) x 1000

♥♥♥I have a new love in my life....♥♥♥

♡♡♡Knitting a sweater with thick yarn and big needles!!♡♡♡

I cannot believe how fast it goes. This time last week, I had just started swatching for my Owls sweater. (Newly christened as nursenikkiknits' "Ode to Hedwig" - a geeky Harry Potter reference but I'm OK with that ; )
I have now finished from the bottom to the armpits and a third of one sleeve!
Note: also in pic are cute new project bags I got for Mother's Day : )

I am very happy with the way it is looking so far. I am loving working it up in the round. How great is it to not have to go back and knit another whole front or back, and then seam it all later?

Hmmm, buying DK yarn to make my husband's sweater may have been a mistake.

I'm hoping to have a completed baby vest to show on Friday, so be sure to check back then.

Want to see more progress on projects? Fly on over to Tami's blog.

Hope your day is bright and sunny too.
Cheers, Nikki


  1. The sweater is looking great so far Nikki! And I'm glad the sun is shining for you :)

  2. Aren't big needles fantastic?

  3. I've been knitting so much with fingering yarn lately that getting back up to worsted weight makes me feel like I must be cheating somehow because it grows that much faster :-) Your sweater is coming along very nicely -- isn't it great to do them in one piece and skip the seaming?

  4. YAY for big yarn and needles (or hooks!). When I worked a project in bulky weight yarn a couple months ago, I was so thrilled by how quickly (and plush-ly) it worked up. I'm glad the Ode to Hedwig (Harry Potter fan high fives from me!) is going well so far. It looks great. :)

  5. Love the color! And yes, I just switched to a chunky yarn for a baby's blanket and I did it all in 2 days! LOVE chunky yarn!

  6. The sweater looks awesome! You know, I struggle with big needles weirdly. I need to use a size 9 for the pattern on a tank top I want to make, but my gauge isn't correct unless I use a 10.5 (I knit CRAZY tight). Knowing I have to use the bigger needles has put me off on the project. :(

    I have to admit, Hedwig is my favorite HP character and I BAWLED when I first read the beginning of book 7 and saw the scene in the movie. Seriously, bawled.

  7. Yay for Harry Potter nerdiness! That sweater is going to be gorgeous -- and I LOVE the color of the yarn. Can't wait to see all the little Hedwigs pop up!

  8. The sweater looks great. You live in a climate that you need some thick yarn to keep warm.