Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday #31 - Still Summer Stitching

Happy Wednesday everyone. 

The kids and I are safely home and our lovely summer continues here in Alberta, although, I have detected that the mornings are a little cooler and the days already seem a little shorter. This, of course, can only mean one thing. I need to start knitting faster if I'm going to get all my gifts done in time for Christmas!!!!

I am delighted to inform you all that I have cast off the body of my Goodale. I thought I was almost done last week and then decided to chance adding one more repeat.

I really, really, really hope I have left myself enough yarn to do the cap sleeves and collar.

Especially since I foolishly optimistically wove in all my ends already
I am really happy with how it looks although I starting wonder is it might be a bit big for the intended recipient (perhaps it just seems that way because I haven't done the pockets yet).

I am committing to having my Goodale ready for FO Friday next week. That's right, I'm getting wild now!

I love the look of the icord edge.
I have also been working a on a new winter hat for myself as a bit of a side project. You only get a sneak peak today because I plan to finish it at my craft night tonight and have it ready to show you on Friday.

The pattern is Castiel - I am really enjoying it.
Ok, my question for you today is: If you could pick between hand knit mittens or a hand knit hat as a Christmas gift, which would you prefer?

Thanks, as usual, to Tami for hosting the very popular WIP Wednesday's on her blog!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Your Goodale is looking great. We are having record temps here 107F. Yuck! I just can't think about hats or mittens. LOL Sorry.

  2. I do hope you've got enough yarn left, because it's looking fab.

    I'd go for mittens over a hat, mostly because I have millions of hats already! But I think it's easier to make someone mittens than make them a hat that may not suit them.

  3. Probably a hat but only because I'm not a good enough knitter to attempt mittens!

  4. That i-cord edge looks fantastic, so neat!

    I'd go for a hat personally, but then I'm not really a mitten wearer (mitts on the other hand...!)

  5. Ah, I hope you have enough yarn left! The i-cord edge looks so tidy.

  6. Three cheers for starting Christmas presents! That's always what I'm thinking about this time of year :)

  7. love the pattern of the hat. very effective

  8. Does the Goodale get folded over for the pockets or something? Because if so, that should take up some of the extra inches you might be seeing. I hope so!

  9. Love the Goodale. Love the icord.

    So organised that you can think of Christmas presents.

  10. I'd want mittens since I have knit myself two hats (and thumbs scare me)! =)

    I love the color of your Goodale!!

  11. I'd pick mittens because I almost never wear hats. The photo of the iCord edge is great; I love it too!

  12. the goodale is gorgeous! i'll keep my fingers crossed on the 'do i have enough yarn' question!

    i'm the wrong person to ask about hat vs mittens -- i live far enough south that i hardly ever wear either of those :-)

  13. The knitting is lovely all. For me, mittens, but only because I look horrible in hats! Of course, hats would be quicker.

  14. I would say mittens definitely. I've got enough hats and they're quick enough to make for myself. The hat looks so beautiful already! Best of luck on the sleeves etc. :)