Monday, September 26, 2011

Whatever the Mood Monday... Fall Harvest

Wow, a Monday post!

In preparation for our big departure later this week, we took the time this weekend to clean out the garden. I would definitely call my first foray into gardening a success. I really enjoyed watching my teeny tiny seeds turn into plants and vegetables. I learned a lot (thin the carrots more!). There are definitely some things I will do differently next year (um, like not plant 10 heads of lettuce at exactly the same time - I'm raising children, not rabbits). But, there are some things I will do the same (like plants lots of beets - roasted beets with goat cheese is a new favourite side dish in my house).

I feel like the garden gave me a new appreciation for the cycle of the seasons. I as I learned about the growing process, I felt much more aware of nature. Watching everything grow and being mindful of the weather made me feel more present in the season and gave me a visual record of the passage of time.

As we got to harvest time, my Monkey got very interested in helping pick the peas, carrots & beets. I was a wonderful feeling to feed him things I had grown myself. Hopefully, next year, when he is a little bigger, he will be old enough to be interested in the whole unfolding of the seed to food process.

My new found appreciation for gardening is moving beyond vegetables as well and I am taking my pride in the small gardens around my yard. This weekend I planted 45 bulbs. I'm already looking forward to watching the snow (that hasn't arrived yet - thank goodness!) melt and the green shoots appear.

About half of our final harvest
(the wine in the background was a recent gift from one of my favourite wineries - Quail's Gate)

Cheers, Nikki

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  1. I planted carrots long ago when my children were little. I guess there was rocks in the soil as they came out in the weirdest shapes.

    I laughed at your feeding children not rabbits. When my mom used to take me shopping back home and I loaded the cart with kale and carrots she would say pretty loud, "What are you feeding a herd of rabbits?" Yes, yes I am.