Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #33 - Calculated Cast-ons

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week. Summer has returned here with a vengeance and I am soaking up every second of it.

With my Goodale finally finished, I was very excited to move onto the next project. I am slowly learning that when I am working on a big project it serves me well to have smaller projects on the go for when I get bored or need some quick-and-easy travel knitting.

So, I have finally cast on the last sweater in my 2011 Family Sweater Challenge. I would really love to accomplish this goal as it's the only resolution from this year that I have a chance left of keeping. I have (of course) left the biggest sweater for last. I have had the yarn for this sweater for a while. I even swatched over a month ago. For some reason, I have been a feeling intimidated about starting it. I'm not sure if it's the miles (and miles and miles) of stockinette that I have ahead of me or if it's because the pattern is written in a unfamiliar manner. Maybe I'm a wee bit worried that I'm going to spent hours and hours on this and my husband isn't going to like it (although even it he doesn't like it, he still better bloody wear it!) In any case, I have finally sucked it up and cast on.

I'm using Royal Llama Silk and it feels amazing but so far seems to be super splitty.

I am also very excited about my smaller, friendlier  project that I am starting at the same time. I am making Doodlebug's winter hat (as it is currently 30 C. outside for once I seem to be ahead of the game). I am really looking forward to using my precious skein of Candy Skein Yummy sport superwash for it. I'm going to use the pattern for Swirl Hat on this one.

The colourway in Raspberries and Cream.
Doesn't it look delicious?
Well, that's about it. Where are Bella's Mittens you ask? I'm sure you already know... you will have to come back for FO Friday to see them!

I'm sorry this post is a little light on photos this week. Just to make it up to you I'll share a couple recent snaps of Monkey and Doodlebug ; )

Monkey at his first day of preschool last week.
Doodlebug enjoying our late summer heat wave in the backyard.
See you Friday. Don't forget to check out more WIP's through Tami's (of Candy Skein fame) blog!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. So glad it worked. I stood outside and puffed as hard as I could to send you the hot.

    Looking forward to watching your progress on both projects. The yarns are very pretty.

    I have great news again this week.

  2. Oooh, Llama silk sounds like gorgeous yarn. Good luck on finishing the sweater in time to keep your resolution!

  3. Good luck with your husbands sweater, the yarn looks gorgeous!

  4. Good luck on the new sweater. The hat woll look adorable on Doodlebug.

  5. Yay for keeping resolutions! And don't worry about the sweater. There's something oddly comforting about miles of stockinette, and he'll love it once it's done. Enjoy your warm weather!

  6. Really nice looking yarns! Good luck with the sweater-- it'll go faster once you start, probably :)

  7. Your little ones are adorable!

    I love that gray yarn -- the splittiness is probably worth it for that lovely shading. And wow, Tami's rocking those Candy Skein colors, isn't she?

  8. I came here to say great projects but I got side-tracked by the two absolutely delightful cute munchkins!!!!

  9. Love the pattern and the yarn , it will look stunning !You're braver than I am , here I am complaining about knitting man size socks ;-) .

  10. He is going to love that sweater - just a nice straight-forward masculine pattern and gorgeous yarn!

  11. Kiddo picture just melt my heart!

  12. Ooh I don't blame you making the most of summer. It seems to have left us here now!
    That new yarn is a lovely colour, Can't wait to see the hat.

  13. That raspberries and cream Candy Skein is going to be perfect for the Swirl Hat. Might have to copy that one! I bet your Monkey was excited for the first day of preschool. How do you manage to take such great pictures of your kids?

  14. good luck with the sweater! I have yet to try my hand at an actual garment!