Friday, November 25, 2011

FO Friday #29 - Plane Knitting Cowl

Happy Friday everyone!
Happy one month until Christmas. Not to panic you... but perhaps a few of us (myself definitely included) need to start moving those needles a little faster!
When planning my trip a couple months ago, I wanted to take some knitting for the 30 hours of travel to New Zealand and Australia. I picked my project with several specific criteria.
1. lightweight
2. easily pick up and put down (traveling with two children under 4 pretty much guaranteed there would be no long stretches of uninterrupted knitting - in fact I don't think there ever is these days)
3. could be knit on needles that I would not cry at the loss of should security take them away (I knew I could fly with my knitting from Canada to the US but could not get a straight answer on the internet or on Rav about taking knitting on flights to and from New Zealand and Australia.)*
I chose to knit a Striped Infinity Scarf using the recommended Zauberball. It was the perfect choice. It was light and had an easily memorized pattern. I really enjoyed watching the colour changes appear. And, I finally got to try out knitting with a Zauberball - next time I'm going to brave some of the more fun colours ; )

The design is incredibly simple: Cast on stitches. Knit 2 row pattern repeat until desired length. Cast off. Seam edges. The actual pattern calls for knitting a scarf about double the length of mine but as I wanted to be able to wear mine as an indoor accessory, I didn't want it to be too warm or bulky. 
This is my preferred way of wearing it.
It has definitely been my go-to accessory on recent cold days. 
I really like how mine turned out but think it would also have been great at double the length. I think I have enough left in the skein to make another one so then I could wear it both ways. The only change I would make if I was to make it again would be to take the time to do a provisional cast-on to be able to make a seamless join to the cowl loop.

Plane Knitting Cowl

Pattern: Striped Infinity Cowl by Michelle Hunter
(I used about 1/2 a skein of the Schokocreme)
Needle: 5.5mm/US 9
(I knit it flat on crummy 16" circ of mysterious origin)
Hope you have a wonderful last-weekend-in-November. Be sure to check in next Friday for my first giveaway! I hope you also have time to check out some other awesome FO's through Tami's blog.
Cheers, Nikki

*  For the record I never had any trouble with my needles on any of my 7 domestic and international flights during that trip.

action shot of (unblocked) cowl  in Australia


  1. It looks gorgeous, I love it :) I am a big fan of Zauberball - only used it once but they are my favourite socks!

    And yep, I am definitely one of those who need to move the needles a bit faster now!

  2. Very pretty cowl and really makes a great accessory!

  3. It's beautiful. I keep meaning to knit one but haven't. Maybe that special Zauberball I bought last year can be the yarn. Yours looks great!

  4. Very pretty and it looks great on you!

  5. Love it! I need to get one of those balls of yarn, they have such fun colors.

  6. That turned out beautifully. I think you made the right choice on the length, it'll be super wearable indoors and out -- and it looks great on you. Bonus!

  7. Oh I love the cowl! I've added it to my ever expanding queue.

  8. Heaven help us if they decide to yank knitting needles in the future. I'm definitely checking out the yarn. It hangs beautifully and looks great on you.