Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday #39 - In for the Long Haul

 Happy Wednesday everyone!

I feel like I have spent the last week knitting like mad... unfortunately I'm not sure I have a lot to show for it.

I am really enjoying the balance of knitting two projects at the same time. Usually, I break up a large project with small projects. Often I find, however, that as soon as I finish a small project, I cast on another one and never really get anywhere on the big project. With two big projects, I can go back and forth without getting too bored and I am making progress on both. In fact, I have turned it into a bit of a geeky knitting mind game where every time I finish a skein, I switch project.

My husband's henley is going well. It is definitely the more boring of the two projects. I have knit about 6 inches since I divided the arm holes... only 11 more inches to go!
Sweater this time last week
Sweater this week - it's a lot bigger I swear
 I love the pattern for the blanket. I am anxious about picking up the stitches for the trim but otherwise I really like the way it looks. I figure I'm about 2/3's done now (and I'm going to have a significant amount of yarn left over - doh!)
Blanket last week
Blanket this week
All this knitting and I've had time for a bit of a Christmassy yarny craft. Check back on Friday for that. And, don't forget to check Tami's blog for lots more WIP's. It looks like holiday knitting is in full swing!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Hmmm, 2 large projects instead of one large and lots of small - this sounds like an excellent idea! I do exactly the same when I have lots of small ones, cast on new as soon as I finish one and neglect the long term project... I might have to follow your lead on this!

    Everything is looking lovely, hope the knitting flies by. If you have excess yarn from the blanket, perhaps you could made a coordinating hat or pair of booties to go with it?

  2. Both projects are really coming along nicely.

  3. There really is a lot of growth on both looking at the last week/this week pictures side by side! Great progress!

  4. 'Fess up -- this is the first time you've ever wished your husband was shorter, right? ;) I totally feel your pain, but both projects are looking great. Longer cook = bigger reward, or something like that.

    Did you get any yarn in the mail yet? Hope so!

  5. Your projects look great! I love the sweater.

  6. Great progress on both projects. I like switching up between two or three big projects, also. I think of them as my oldest, middle and youngest children. The only problem is that I sometimes play favorites. I might borrow your mind game strategy to keep things fair.

  7. You really have made lots of progress! Your husbands sweater is really starting to take shape and I love the blanket!