Friday, December 16, 2011

FO Friday # - A River to Skate On

Happy Friday everyone.

Boy, the countdown is really in now! I spent yesterday evening casting on 4! times for fingerless mittens for one of my Monkeys' teachers. First, they were too small, then too big, then I didn't like the yarn.. grrrr. So frustrating!

Which is why I am especially happy to show you a project that makes me happy with the way it turned out. I made these mittens for a friend of mine who probably won't get a lot of presents for Christmas. I hope she likes them as much as I do!

A River to Skate On

Pattern: Clepsydra Mittens by Kristen Kapur

This is a very well written a pattern with the option of knitting by written row or by chart. I think that if you haven't made mittens before the decrease instructions for the top could be a little confusing since it doesn't actually say to decrease on the stockinette side as you decrease on the cable side. Other than that small detail it's great. Starting with the cabled icord edging was a little daunting but very cool and not really all that hard.

I found this pattern a lot of fun to knit. I did make some mistakes. All the knit stitches on the cable side are into the back loop and it took me some time to realize I was putting the stitches on the needle wrong any time I tinked backwards. But hey - they're handmade. They're supposed to be unique!

Kristen has written lots of patterns for mittens. I'm pretty keen to try her Wood Hollow mittens too (not to mention her Ziggity shawl!)

This is of course not my first (nor my last) time using Ultra Alpaca. I love this yarn for hats and mitts and scarfs... ect. I think it's great value for money. It comes in fabulous colours. And it is so warm! I have heard that it has the tendency to grow in large garments (that would be the Alpaca part) but I certainly haven't had any issue the few times I have used it.

Needles: Chicagoo 4mm bamboo DPN's

With all the cabling, bamboo needles were a must!


I used ChocolateChai's notes for the decreasing at the top. She started about 8 rows before the pattern. Otherwise these mitts would have been WAY too long.

Sorry for the poor action shot, I was in a crazy rush!
These mittens are already under my friend's tree. Today is Monkeys' first school concert - so fun! But later, when I'm procrastinating about knitting this year's final set of mittens, I'm definitely going to check out everyone's finished projects over through Tami's Amis.

Hope everyone has a magical wintery (or not for you southern hemisphere types) holiday (or not if that's not your thing) weekend (or not if you working). You know what I mean.

Cheers, Nikki

I did this cross stitch years ago.
It has stood up really well to the test of time.
And it still makes me smile :  )


  1. The mittens look wonderful, I love the cable pattern (and actually, I like your twisted stitches, they make it look more interesting).

  2. Those mittens are beautiful. I love the I want to knit a pair.

  3. Beautiful mittens - they look so cozy and warm!

  4. Beautiful mittens! I love her patterns too. Working on Cladonia right now, just 8 more rows until done. But, Christmas knitting takes precedence, so it will wait until after Christmas.

  5. Fabulous mittens! We never get enough mittens over on Bridge and Beyond, people shy away from making them....your's are awesome. The multiple cast on thing...I've been doing that with a cotton washcloth as I try my hand at cables for the first time.

  6. They turned out very well!It's so sweet of you to think of your friend. I'm sure she will love them.

  7. what a beautiful job. Your friend will love them.

  8. Those mittens are definitely an amazing, amazing gift, the undulating river-cables are just beautiful, and you picked the perfect colour, too. And I love the twisted-look edging.

    Also, that cross stitch makes me smile, too. Really cute (and beautifully done!).

  9. The mittens look fabulous! You did a great job with the cables and I love the cabled icord edging. These will make such a wonderfully warm gift. I am crushing on Ultra Alpaca right now, too. Great wintertime yarn.

  10. Fabulous mitts! I love the twisted braid at the cuff - nice touch!

  11. Really love those mittens. Cute and they just look so warm!