Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3KCBWDAY3 - Your Knitting or Crochet Hero

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I will actually be doing two posts today (gasp!). This one is for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and I will also be doing my usual WIP Wednesday post.

When I thought about who I most admire in the world of knitting, the list was long but two people stood out.

The first, I have never met but is incredibly well known in the world of knitting.

The Yarn Harlot.

This year I went back and read her blog from the very beginning. It was tons of fun and I highly recommend it.
My toddler poncho inspired by A Very Harlot Poncho
I have learned many things and been repeatedly inspired by The Harlot, including:
1. knitting for the sake of knitting is awesome
2. it is worth the risk of trying something new, even if it means the knitting doesn't work out or doesn't get finished
3. be selective who you knit for
4. there is always a way to justify more yarn
5. be who you are, even if other people don't like it or don't get it
6. knitting is a very appropriate excuse for not cleaning the house (although for some reason my husband isn't quite buying this one).

I am very proud that Stephanie is Canadian (somehow in my mind it associates me with her greatness). I would really love for the Yarn Harlot to be on Q, a radio program on our national radio station station the CBC, hosted by the ever gorgeous Jian Ghomeshi. I think she represents the best of all that is Canadian and I would love to see her recognized for it!

If by some crazy omission you have not read the Harlot's blog, I suggest you wait until you are having a bad day and need a pick me up... then click over and laugh your ass off : )

I am lucky enough to call my second knitting hero a friend.

Her name is Kim (perhaps better known as purrlescent). Kim and I met through friends at our weekly Craft Night. She is an incredibly awesome knitter. When I grow up I want to knit just like her.

Things to know about Kim:

She has great taste in yarn and projects.
One of my favourite things about Craft Night every week is seeing what she is working on next.

She knits like the wind.
We recently participated in a shawl KAL. She finished in 3 days. Seriously!

She had designed some gorgeous patterns and offers them for free!

Down the Rabbit-Hole


She is always happy to help those knitters less fortunate than herself when they make moronic mistakes.
(thank goodness!)

She can dye and spin.
I secretly hope she will teach me to spin one day.

She is generous with the products of her skills.
Look what I got for Christmas!

I am very very lucky to have Kim on my side. She is truly my knitting Hero. Thanks Kim!

I have to give an honourable mention to Kate Davies who rounded out the top three inspirational knitters on my list.

To see more of today's posts for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week just search for 3KCBWDAY3.

Cheers, Nikki

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  1. What a great post Nikki. Your knitting heroes are amazing and you have paid them a lovely tribute.

  2. Love the poncho. YOu know seems like I used to read the harlet, back when I had a different blog and haven't know sometimes you loose your connections...may have to look her up again.

  3. I'm glad you have such a good friend as a mentor and inspiration!

  4. I love that you picked a friend as one of your knitting heroes. She sounds like an amazing friend and knitting mentor. The Yarn Harlot is the best because she keeps it real, but with humor.

  5. Nikki, you are so sweet -- I've never been blogged about before! I always look forward to seeing what you're working on at craft night as well because you have such wonderful taste in yarn and projects. And the spinning lessons... anytime!