Friday, April 13, 2012

FO Friday #44 - Remembering the Humpbacks

Happy (Fiber Arts) Friday everyone!

Today's FO is another cute-as-pie baby knit. Man, I love these little baby vests. The are quick, easy and just so adorable. This one has the added bonus of being a little cardigan so I got to pick buttons for total cuteness overload.

I started this during our Maui vacation and had it done just a few days. I like looking at it because it reminds me of sitting out on the deck watching the water when a pair of whales swam by.

Pattern: in threes - a baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich
Great pattern. Very well written, Totally seamless, knit top down. Sizes range from 0-3months to 5T. Simple, basic, effective.
This is the 6-12 month size on my (wee) 20 months old.
It's a little small on her but I'm sure you get the idea
Worsted Weight
Colouway: Autumn Flame
I used just under one skein for the 6-12 month size.
This yarn was some guilt gift yarn that I received from my husband last year when he went to New Hampshire. I love it's semi-solid appearance. It was lovely to knit with and bled very little when I washed it. I don't know how widely available this yarn is but I'm always looking for good superwash yarn for baby knits and I would definitely use this again. (In fact, I have a couple skeins left, so I can : )

I totally bribed her with a piece of liquorice to get her to put the cardi on and let me take pictures.
Honestly, the lows I'm willing to sink to for this blog ; )
Needles: 5.0mm Knit picks 16" nickel circ

Modifications: none

I will totally knit this cute pattern again. Maybe next time with stripes!

I wish you a weekend full of fun, laughter and time to knit (and check out more FO's ; )!

Cheers, Nikki

Mamma and Baby Humpbacks


  1. So beautiful! The knitting, and the little licorice-lover. I love the memories attached as well.

  2. It looks fantastic, I love the colour! She just looks so cute!

  3. I love this cardi! At first I thought it was a Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, they look quite similar. I love the yarn, the colour, and the model is adorable!!

  4. That cardi is lovely!! I wish I still had a little person of my own to knit for. Mine now has her own ideas and opinions about what she will wear ;)

  5. I love that pattern, and the colour is gorgeous :) Cute model too ;)

  6. oooh, that cardi is absolutely adorable! As is the model.
    I really should knit one then maybe I will get over my fear and be able to tackle an adult version for myself.

    The humpback photo is breathtaking.

  7. That is such a gorgeous color. It looks so nice on your daughter. Awesome job

  8. Adorable pattern, and an adorable little model. Maybe it sounds better if you say you "rewarded" the wee one with licorice rather "bribed" her? Also gorgeous yarn - your husband picked well!

  9. Nice, thanks for the pattern idea. I've marked it for the future.

  10. Ah Twizzlers! They are my fav! The cardigan looks great and matches her hair.

  11. She is so cute! I love the sweater, too - the yarn color is really lovely.

  12. Oh, how sweet! Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous pattern (I love that texture around the yoke! and yay for "totally seamless"!), gorgeous knitting. And the phrase "sitting out on the deck watching the water when a pair of whales swam by"? So jealous. I'm so glad you got to have that experience. :)

  13. Maybe I'm a slow knitter or just have too many projects going at the same time, but it would take me forever to knit something like that. You seemed to fly right through! I'd love to knit more baby clothes, so I just need to dig in sometime and focus just on that rather than the myriad of other things :)

  14. How adorable--the sweater AND your kiddo!

  15. I saw a whale up close once. It was completely amazing... I felt so small.

    Your little one is such a cutie. I like her sweater too. :-)

  16. Gah! I'm suffering from Doodlebug blindness again. I think you knitted something up there, but the licorice grin is killing me. (Cute sweater, though!) ;)

  17. That's lovely. I love the in threes pattern. I've made 2 already, but now I have an itch to make another one.