Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday #65 - A question for you...

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I'm sorry I don't have much I can show you today.

I have been working a lot on a secret project. I am using Elsebeth Lavoid Silky Wool for the first time. It is very nice to knit but not all that soft. I'll be interested to see it the texture changes with blocking.

I have finished my "Giant" baby blanket using Cascade Eco Duo. Good thing too, because the sweet babe it's for was born last week. The blanket is currently blocking on our spare bed and I be back on Friday to show you the finished result.

So, the only thing I have to show this week is the second sock of my Socks by the Pool II. I have turned the heel so pretty much all that is left is to knit round and round and round and round until I get to the toes!

I could use a little advice however...
I bought several skeins of Aslan Trends King Llama and Mulberry Silk to make a shawl for my great-aunt in her nursing home in Wales.

Picking a pattern has become easier said than done. I would like to make this shawl as part a June Alphabetical KAL with my LYS The Loop (ie: A for Aslan Trends) so I need to decide today!.

I've narrowed my pattern choices to:
Ruffled Shawl
Aqua Waves Wrap
Coquille Shawl

Vote here to have your pick!

Thanks for helping me out. I'm sure there are plenty more actual pics of works-in-progress are waiting to be found through Tami's Amis.

Cheers, Nikki

Friday, May 25, 2012

FO Friday #47 - March of the Elephants

Happy Friday everyone!!

I have a quick, teeny and super cute knit to share with you today. Amongst our family and friends, we have had something of a baby bonanza lately. I have whipped off another cute baby girl vest for friends of ours (in keeping with my baby knit hierarchy of course : )

March of the Elephants

Milo by Georgie Hallam
This is my second Milo and it will not be my last. I love me some top-down, in-the-round construction. But, my favourite thing about this pattern is how easily you can personalize it. You should check the project gallery on rav - some people are so creative! This time, I knit the 9 months size but to be honest I didn't check my gauge. That one of the best things about baby clothes... it will fit at some point. 
The elephant chart is a free download from Marching Elephants newborn hats by KnittAddiction. 

Colourways: blush and natural
DK Weight
100% Australian wool
I don't usually knit with a non-superwash for baby clothes but I could't resist how adorable these colours were together. (Not to mention it was on sale at my LYS ; ) The yarn was lovely to knit but ran a bit thick and thin. The vest ended up with a slightly more rustic look than I was expecting but I still love the look and feel of it.

I was a little concerned that the yarns didn't contrast enough to really let the elephants show. I considered  ripping them back and just knitting the body plain but my husband and my mum convinced me to leave it. Now that it's washed and blocked, I'm glad I did.

It's going to be very a rainy weekend here. I least I should have plenty of time to check out more projects with Tami's Amis and Fiber Arts Friday!

Cheers, Nikki

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

FO Friday #46 - KAL Completion

Finished Object Friday with Tami's Amis

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited to show off my new cardigan to you today. I am also excedingly happy that it is finally done. I started this project as part of luvinthemommyhood's Tops, Tanks and Tees knit-along. The fronts and back went quickly but the seaming and sleeves nearly did me in the end. Fortunately, I persevered because I couldn't be more thrilled with the result.

Pattern: Cherry by Anna Bell
While well written, this pattern is not for beginners. The designer makes no indication of which cast-on (or off), increases, decreases or button holes to use. After laying out the initial cable pattern, you are on your own with how to make it work in relation to the shaping and for button hole placement. I also thought it a little funny that you need to log onto the designer's website to find out what her abbreviations mean. All that being said, I loved the knitting "little birds" cable as well as the overall style of this cardigan.  The cable pattern  is very simple but made knitting the body so much more fun than plain stockinette. I think it looks pretty sharp too!

This was the moment my phtographer suggested I do a cardigan strip tease

50% cotton/35% rayon/15%silk
This, sadly dicontinued, yarn was enjoyable to knit. It has more give than a plain cotton yarn and a lovely sheen to it. Although technically machine washable, this baby will only be hand washed. I put too much effort into it to risk it in the washer. The yarn was very splitty and tended to quickly loose it's twist. I had read that it does not frog and re-knit well but I frogged one of my sleeves four times and I think it looks great. The fabric is so soft with a bit of weight to it. I am really glad that lately I am finding natural non-wool yarns yarns as pleasurable to knit as my beloved wool.

Needles: 3.25mm and 4mm Knit Picks nickel circulars

There were many. I lengthed the body about an inch. I took out the waist ties and added more buttons. I lengthened the sleeves which involved completely altering the pattern to reduced the amount of "puff" and as a not-so-cool side effect nearly did my head in. I also managed to make some of my button hole placements a little uneven (this was unintentional ; ).

I think this is going to be the perfect summer cardi. I plan on layering it over tank tops on cool evenings. I'm pretty pleased with myself for: completing this KAL on time, stash busting and spending a grand total $22.50 on the yarn and buttons. All in all,I think this is my favourite self-made garment to date!

It is long weekend here in Canada and my family and I are in Vancouver making the most of it. I hope the thought of your weekend plans bring a smile to your face. Have a great Fiber Arts Friday!

Cheers, Nikki

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday #63 - A Little Summer in our Spring

Happy Wednesday everyone : )

Wow, what a crazy week it has been! The weather has been amazing and I have certainly made the most of it!
On Saturday, I ran 12km in the Canmore Woman's Run (and as of today, I can finally say I am walking without a limp).
On Sunday for Mother's Day, we had a picnic in the park for lunch.

I'm so proud to be these two hooligans' mum

And a family BBQ at home for supper.

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday.

Tomorrow, we are headed for Vancouver for the long weekend! Tons of fun, but I am already exhausted.

I am very excited for this Work-in-Progress Wednesday because, despite all the craziness, I finally have something to show you other than the never-ending, gag-me-with-a-Cherry cardigan.

Well, I have that to show you too.

All that is left is a few ends to weave and seven buttons. I going to look for then today! With a little luck, I will have a finished object to show you on Friday.

In the meantime, I have made good progress on the baby blanket and the second sock.

I have also started another cute-as-a button Milo for a friend's new babe.

I love how quick these knit up!

Hope to see you Friday for the KAL cardigan reveal!!

Cheers, Nikki

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Funny

When I picked my son (Monkey) up from preschool on Wednesday he was very excited about his day.
This is the conversation we had on the way home:

Monkey: Guess what Mummy! We got to pet baby ducks at school today!
Me: Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun.
Monkey: Yeah, it was. But my teacher told us that all baby ducks do is "eat, poop, and sleep."
There was a brief pause...
Monkey: Mummy, I don't think it's very good that baby ducks eat poop!

Happy Friday everyone : )

Cheers, Nikki

PS: I just realized that Blogger has finally updated its template and now I can directly respond to comments. If you ask a question, be sure to check back because I will try to respond.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday #62 - Back in the Race

It's been a good week so far. A week of rebounds.

Waking on Saturday to find my first ever home-grown daffodil lying flat on the ground covered in snow, made the sight I found the backyard yesterday even sweeter.

After spending almost a week in a major time-out because I couldn't figure out how to take the puff out of the sleeves so I could make them longer (let it be known now, that I am certainly no designer!), I picked up my Cherry cardigan, did some math and winged it.

The sleeves are done (fingers crossed they work!!!!) and now the button bands are too. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

As an added bonus, yesterday, I spent the day in the sun, at the zoo, with my kids and then came home and made these adorable owl crafts with my Monkey : )

I hope your week is full of joyful moments you weren't expecting.

Cheers, Nikki

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Friday, May 4, 2012

FO Friday #45 - An FO (of sorts)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday everyone!

I am very excited about today FO even though technically the whole project isn't finished yet.

I have, however, finished MY VERY FIRST ADULT SOCK!!!

Tah Dah!

Definitely worth all the capital letters; don't you think?

Even better news.. it fits!
I'm going to save the action shots for when there is a pair... one day.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend (filled with plenty of free time to check out all the other fabulous FO's posted on Tami's blog ; )

Cheers, Nikki