Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday #65 - Affected

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have had a productive week in knitting. (Like my positive way of saying the weather has been crappy?)
I finished my secret project and was all ready to start the shawl for my Great Aunt (thanks to everyone who voted!) when I found myself... infected afflicted addicted  affected.

I fell in love with the Color Affection shawl when it first came out. Even before it took off like wildfire. I tried, without success, to order one of the Plucky Knitter kits in December before the start of my yarn diet. I promised myself that as soon as the diet was over, I could treat myself to some fancy yarn to make one with. But, I kept putting off because I knew I had some priorities I had to finish first.

Then, I walked into Urban Yarns while we were in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. I had left my husband with two tired children, in the car, in the poring rain. I knew I had exactly five minutes to shop. Maybe I should shop like this more often. There was no time for indecision. I left with this:

sweetgeorgia cashluxe fine in lemon curd & tumbled stone
handmaiden casbah in saltspray
I love that this shawl will be mixture of BC and Nova Scotia (just like my children ; ). I love that I'm stepping wayyyyy out of my comfort zone with the yellow. I love that this shawl will always remind me of a fun weekend trip back home. I really love I am finally knitting the shawl I've been dreaming about for months.

I am decidedly ignoring the fact I'm supposed to be knitting something else.

I can't wait to start the stripes!!

It's not my fault. I'm infected addicted afflicted affected.

Cheers, Nikki

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  1. lovely lovely lovely! great colour combo - not one I would think of but can't wait to see it.

  2. Such pretty colours together, I always get yarn envy when I see photos like that. I think you just have to knit whatever takes you, when it takes you!!

  3. Gorgeous colours, especially in combination. The yellow really works, even if it is out of your comfort zone I think you'll love it!

  4. Fabulous colours. I can't wait to see how it looks. I have knitted one, and I want to knit another. I am debated which yarns to use from stash and whether I need to add a purchase to bring the right combinations together.

  5. Yours will be very nice in those colours...can't wait to see it. Now, if only I could decide on my three colours I could start my own|
    I think it's wonderful that this shawl will bring back so many wonderful memories for you.

  6. Gorgeous colour choices; it's going to be fabulous in a cashmere blend.
    Awesome shopping-under-pressure skillz!

  7. That's it. We really *have* to go yarn shopping together at some point. You always pick such spectacular stuff and that little pile there is off the charts. I've squished both of those, and they're beyond awesome. Enjoy the infection. :)

  8. Those colors are amazing...They are super cheerful and i can't wait to see the shawl when its done. XD

  9. You've picked terrific colors. I've been wanting to start the Color Affection shawl and was just pondering on color combinations last night. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  10. I feel the same way about that pattern. I don't wear shawls, I don't tend to knot with more than one color at a time, and I am obsessed with that pattern!

    Love your color choices; looking forward to seeing your progress on it :)

  11. Love, love, love those colors! Especially the yellow. It is a fabulous knit, especially when you get to the fun stripey parts. I might just need to knit another one.

  12. I absolutely LOVE the colour combination you have chosen and I cannot wait to see it all come together