Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday #67 - Knits on a Plane

Hmmm, Knits on a Plane... doesn't quite have the same ring as Snakes on a Plane, does it?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have just returned from an amazing long weekend in Toronto. Three girls on the town (read: no kids) for 4 days. It was fantastic.
The only downside was I didn't get much knitting done.

Well, except on the drive to Niagara.

And at the baseball game - Go Jays!

And on the plane, of course.

Toronto showed me a really good time. I hope it won't be long until I am back.

I finished a new sun hat for Doodlebug that I will show you in a couple weeks. This Friday, I finally get to reveal my secret knitting from a while back : )

Cheers, Nikki

Extraneous shot of my kids in their new t-shirts
(No, it's not cold enough for winter hats in Calgary, my kids are just odd)
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  1. cute AND odd, so that's not too bad :D

  2. You'll have to come back to TO soon - you can't possibly pack all the touring into a long weekend. Did you manage a lunch at the Mill Street Brew pub in the distillery district? Or a yarn crawl?

    1. Funny! I did have supper at the Mill Street Brew Pub in the Distillery District. On the patio with some live Jazz Fest music in the background! It was awesome. Because of store holidays hours, my trip was sadly lacking in yarn shopping. I will definitely need to come back soon!

  3. Your trip sounded lovely. Toronto is such a fabulous city. My friends and I used to be frequent visitors during my college years at Buffalo. Great memories! Your kiddies look absolutely adorable in their t's and hats...very grunge :)

  4. Oh I love Toronto! I wanted to drive up there this summer for a long weekend but never made the plans. Plus they have the hockey hall of fame :P