Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday #68 - Summer Snapshots

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Boy, this summer continues at a break neck pace. In the last week, I have:

Done the family thing at a parade and Stampede

Taken the kids to the splash park... twice

Picnicked in the park watching trains

Been to Banff with the girls to see Blue Rodeo in an outdoor concert (which rocked)

Taken the kids "hiking" in the mountains

Oh, and finally gotten started on a Multnomah for my Great-Aunt

This pace show no signs of letting up. We head off across the country on vacation on Friday and my baby turns two next week!

Sheesh, I need a nap!

Hope your week includes time to catch your breath. Why not use that moment to check out some more  WIP's through Tami's Amis? That and a glass of cold ice tea sounds like the perfect break to me ; )

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Nice start, love the colour, and its a free pattern, great!

  2. I love that pattern, I made one about a week ago and it is really an enjoyable knit. Summer is the perfect time to be busy.

  3. Wow that sounds busy! Hope you get chance to rest soon ;) Love the colour of the shawl

  4. Pretty colour for Multnomah. Funny how the little ones are always bemused by trains :)

  5. Wow you deserve a nap. Your WIP is really pretty.

  6. Great start, especially considering how busy you sound! Love the colour :)

  7. Looks like fun! Beautiful view of the mountains :)

  8. Great pic's...have a wonderful vacation..