Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday #69 - Sock Motivation

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I seem to be struggling on the blog front these days. Maybe it's because we are having a very warm September and it feels like it is actually still summer? Maybe I'm feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with one kid in full time preschool, another under my feet all day and yet another on the way? Maybe I just feel like I don't have anything worth to say that's reading? I don't know. I'm definitely in a bit of a funk but I'm going to to try to pick it up again and see how it goes.
What do you do when your blog-mojo is running low? I'd love to know.

I have really been enjoying my LYS's "AlphaKal" where we have been knitting our way (by pattern or yarn) through the alphabet.

This month is "D".

I'm excited to be half way through my second D-Man sock for my father-in-law for Christmas. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get me motivated to complete a knit.


I may be a little delusional, but I'm hoping to finish these and whip off a pair of Duffers for my sister-in-law by the 30th. I've got to knit fast because come October 1st, I'm on the "E".

Cheers, Nikki


  1. love that stitch pattern.

    If I don't feel I have anything to blog about, I just don't blog. I don't owe anyone anything when it comes to my blog, don't feel bad about it!

  2. Blogs go through phases. I'm loving those socks though. Into the faves they go!

  3. I also go on blog breaks when the need arises, it does wonders to take that week or two off, suddenly you feel motivated again to get going.
    Good Luck.

  4. I love the yarn and love the pattern. The duffers are great!

  5. I like how the colours and stitch pattern are interacting there. I've been lacking blog mojo lately as well - no real suggestions, except that I find once I don't post for a while, it's harder to start up again. Once I do start, however, it's easier to continue.

  6. I'm so impressed by people who knit socks. Mine would have two open ends, I'm not great at knitting. I think sometimes you need a break from blogging, I know I did this summer. I list blog ideas in the draft part and sometimes that inspires me to post. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  7. I love this idea of an AlphaKAL-- some freedom, but some structure too!
    those socks look super smooshy :)

  8. I have been sluggish on the blogging front this summer, too. No excuses, other than laziness and the novelty of cable tv after years without it. I think just getting back into a weekly routine will help. Also, my little guy is back in school so having more free time (sorry to rub it in, you poor thing!) will allow me to get some projects off the needles and onto the blog. I am thinking of adding a bit more variety to my blog by posting about other topics that interest me, like cooking or music.
    Love the socks that you are knitting! The KAL sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. I love that pattern! I'm no help on the blog-front. I have a podcast and I sometimes feel the same way.

  10. I love that pattern! I'm no help on the blog-front. I have a podcast and I sometimes feel the same way.