Friday, October 19, 2012

FO Friday #55 - The Audrey Hat

Happy Friday everyone!

I am pretty excited to show you today's finished project. Mostly because I love the way  it turned out... but partly because it's a good excuse (again) to show off one of my kids : )

I realized a couple weeks ago that Doodlebug was going to need a new winter hat pretty quick. I could tell this from the way last year's hat kept popping off the top of her head during our first chilly snap of the season - I know, I'm perceptive that way. So, I made it a priority to make her a new hat during my Craftaway Weekend last week.

I really loved the slight variegation to the skein of Maribrigo Rios that I had picked up for this project and I really wanted to used a slip stitch pattern to show off the yarn. I hurriedly measured Doodlebug's head before I left last Friday and then took a stab at modifying the Amanda Hat pattern to fit her. I think it turned out pretty well but I'll let you decide for yourself.

The Audrey Hat


Pattern: The Amanda Hat by Gina House
A great free pattern, that clearly, I am not the first to discover.

Yarn: Malibrigo Rios in Purpura
Knitting with this yarn is the baking equivalent of making cake using pure vanilla, full fat cream and real butter. It is fabulous and worth every penny. The superwash factor makes it ideal for kid knits. In fact, I've already bought another skein in a different colour to make my Monkey a new hat too. I'm hoping I have enough left from Doodlebug's hat to make her a pair of matching mittens.

I cast on 77 with size 4.5mm needles. I knit the body as written but was worried that it might be a little short. So, I extended the decrease rounds by starting with k9,k2tog and went down from there (with a plain knit round between every decrease round).



Doodlebug has hit a bit of an awkward photo stage (this was not helped by the fact that I took these shots while she was eating a snack). So, I thought I would show you the hat in action. You know, so you can get a better look at the hat, not just see more of my cute kids. No really! Ok, not really, but here you go anyways.

We have plans for a busy weekend going to the local ski swap and the kids first Halloween party of the season. Hope you have some fun plans for your too!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Love the hat, and your model is adorable. You chose some really lovely yarn too.

  2. Aww fab hat and your model is beautiful. I love the colour of the yarn and stitch pattern. Well done! MY FO Friday was also a hat for my daughter. She is a lot bigger than yours and she still appears to be at that awkward photo stage..all I wanted was a photo of her hat from the top but would she let me?!

  3. That stitch pattern looks fab with the yarn, really brings out the colours. Such a cute model too ;)

  4. aww nikki, that is too cute! the hats pretty sweet too! well done :)

  5. Super cute hat!! Great pattern & color combo!

  6. Aw, she is growing up so fast. I love that hat especially seeing it modeled. That yarn is gorgeous!

  7. Gah! Doodlebug blindness strikes again! She kills me, that kid. Ridiculously cute. Now, what did you knit? Kidding. Cute hat, but it doesn't hold a candle to the wearer. Also, you are not helping with the baby rabies! ;)

  8. So cute!!! You are making me wish for my girls to be back in their kid stage. At 18 and 15 we are long gone from it. Love the hat. I need a hat for a teacher, so definitely looking into this pattern.

  9. Such a great yarn/pattern combo!! That yarn color is purple for a little girl, and looks great one yours!

  10. What a beautiful hat! Love that yarn and it's colors.

  11. Love the hat and your mods to make it fit perfectly on your very adorable model! The colourway is gorgeous. I really, really, really need to get my hands on some of that yarn.

  12. Very cute! :-) Have a nice weekend! Regula

  13. You did a splendid job on your daughter's hat. It's so cool that st pattern. Malabrigo Rios is one of my faves. Doodlebug is adorable.