Friday, January 4, 2013

FO Friday #62 - Generations

Happy Friday everyone!

One of the plus sides of not blogging for a while is that I have lots of thing to show you!

First up this week is my first ever completed pair of knit socks. These were a gift for my father-in-law for Christmas

Pattern: D-Man Socks
As I have not knit many socks, I do not have much experience with socks patterns. I love this stitch pattern for a man's sock. It was easy, interesting enough to make me follow through with knitting it twice and appropriately masculine. However, there were a few oddities with the pattern, such as, that the decreases for the toe are written such as you might decrease for a hat - completely round. I changed the toe and a few simple technical details.

I had enough yarn left over that in the last couple days I have whipped up a pair of the worlds smallest booties for my soon-to-be-born boy.

Pattern: Hodge
This pattern had a lot of of fiddily details for such a tiny project. That being said, I enjoyed trying the different techniques and love the finished product. My one criticism would be that, in an attempt to be very clear, the designer specifies some details that are not quite correct. For example she states that 's1' means to slip purl-wise with the yarn in the back. But, in fact, you need to slip purl-wise with the yarn in the front on wrong side rows. 
Still, I'm already planning to make more of these... just maybe with thicker yarn and bigger needles ; )

80% merino and 20% nylon
unnamed colourway
I loved knitting this yarn and while it is soft enough for socks and booties, it has a high twist and  I think it will wear quite well. The colourway was awesome. Manly enough for man socks but beautiful and interesting enough for me to knit. I bought it during our summer vacation in Nova Scotia and I already wish I had more.

I love knowing that Grandpa and my baby boy are both going to be wearing handmade socks from the the same yarn (even if the baby's booties are only going to fit for about 30 seconds). I also love that the  yarn came from a part of the world that is so special to my family. I hope I have just enough yarn left to make a hexipuff and one day add it to a blanket as a part of the story of my family.

I'm looking forward to checking out some post holiday FO post on Tami's Amis today and hope you will get a chance to look at a few too!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Love that stitch pattern on the man socks, great colour too :)

  2. Love those socks. I've been wondering when my Grumpy will ask for socks. He finally asked for a hat and scarf. I'd better mark this pattern as a potential.

  3. Love your socks! Congrats on your first pair!

  4. Lovely socks and darling booties! Spanning the generations. How neat. Is it possible for a photo of the two together once baby gets here?

  5. Great socks! Love the booties too.

  6. Your first ever completed pair of socks were MAN SOCKS?!?! You're in for a treat when you make some lady sized ones! I really like the pattern.I hope your FIL adores them!

  7. Love it! How awesome that Grandpa and baby will have matching socks this winter! You'll have to get a picture of them in their finery, for sure. And you know how I feel about working bits of life into hexipuffs. Win! Happy weekend, friend!

  8. Congratulations on your first pair of socks! And I think the booties are gorgeous :-)