Thursday, January 3, 2013


Be it because of the impending baby arrival, or wanting a fresh start for the new year or just the desire to tidy after the holidays, there seems to be no shortage of reasons why I want to purge and sort around here.

First stop was the baby's room (which was still occupied by it's previous tenant, my two year old girl). It is now ready and waiting for the new arrival.

Next stop was my disastrous craft room. Stash, fabric and card making material had taken over every available space and rather than being a workable space it had really just become a disorganized storage area.

As I went through it all and sorted and catalogued my stash, I was struck by two revelations:
1. I have some beautiful yarn
2. I have A LOT of yarn

Around this same time, I read Stitched Together's blog post and about challenging herself to knit her stash and I was inspired.

So, I have a taken many of my fabulous yarns and packaged them together into potential projects. Some I have pattern ideas for and some I don't but I have put them together with a plan of grabbing something random from my stash when I'm looking for something new to knit.

This is my no means my entire stash. There probably wasn't enough plastic bags in the whole house for that ; )

At the same time, I am keeping my commitment to take it easy on myself. I am not vowing not to buy new yarn or not take on projects outside the stash (especially since two of my lovely Christmas gifts were a membership in Tanis Fiber Arts Colour Club and a gift certificate to my LYS - yippee!). I'm just planning to "shop the stash" first and have a have a little fun with it along the way!

This is how my crafty area looked when I was finished. Ahh bliss : )

Now time for a cup of tea!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. I want your craft room! I think making kits is a brilliant idea. No thinking required, grab and knit!

  2. I wish I had a room! I have a spare room, but it has two twin beds, an errant dish chair, a floor fan, a night stand, and a bookcase. Which leaves no room for my craft table (in the attic) or my stash bins. They reside in the closet of that room. The living room is where the computer desk lives, although we never use that computer. But, it is the first room you see as you walk in the doors. With French Doors across the opening, it is too visible. So, I will just wait until one of the daughter's leaves and a room frees up! Like the new look!