Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday #83 - Strathcona

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I'm on the final garter section of a light airy scarf I'm making for my aunt. The pattern is Jane Richmond's Strathcona. I love the little detail of the point in the middle. It has been a quick easy project. The yarn is Mirasol Nuna and the colour has brightened my days and had me looking forward to summer : )

Cheers, Nikki

PS: Ha ha, I just noticed the dinosaur that snuck into the picture. A little added aesthetic courtesy of my Monkey.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A knitter with a newborn

My life is going through a time of constant adjustment. It is a time I have been through twice before: Life with a newborn.

Babies are constantly changing during their first year. Having lived through this twice before helps, but I am consistently amazed at how much I have forgotten.

This time is a little different though. This time I am adjusting not just as a mother... but also as a knitter.

Babies really do impact knitting time (and they really don't seem to care that they are doing it).

The yarn you see is an example of the type of guilty spoils a "knitter with a newborn" gets from her husband after he goes away on business for three days and leaves her with three kids while he gets two nights of uninterrupted sleep in a luxurious hotel room...
you know, hypothetically.

My knitting time would actually be greatly increased if I could figure out how to breastfeed and knit at the same time. But since I don't have a second pair of hands to make that work, I have instead greatly increased my knitting blog and Ravelry browsing time (Thank you ipad!).

It is ironic that as my knitting time is decreasing, my queue and stash are growing to epic proportions.

I have gotten a little creative at combining baby time and knitting time.

Yes, this is my new method for keeping Bean's soother clean when he's not using it ; )

I know this phase will pass quickly and in a few months I will be knitting more but missing having such a wee little babe.

Just yesterday Bean started crying and I muttered "Hang on sweetheart, I just have a few more stitches." My husband piped up told Bean that he better get used to that.

He'll learn his place soon enough : )

Cheers, Nikki

Friday, February 22, 2013

FO Friday #67 - A Little Lovely (Late) Lace

Happy Friday everyone!

Today's finished object is actually one from Christmas. In fact, it is my favourite knit from Christmas.

There are two reasons I haven't shared it before now:
1. Doodlebug is at a difficult photo taking stage and I haven't been able to get a good shot of her wearing it. (I have now given up.)
2. I was really hoping to make her a matching doll dress. Hopefully I still will at some point. But, I'm going to cut myself some slack as things are a little busy right now.

This a very special knit for several reasons:
1. The yarn was hand dyed by my friends in Australia and sent as a special gift for a bi-continental knit along.
2. They named the colourway after me ; )
3. I am really proud of the way it turned out (especially considering the multiple lace surgeries I had to perform to fix mistakes along the way)

So here we have:

Pattern: Elvira by Sanne Rasmilla
I love this pattern. I think the style and lace is gorgeous. I especially love how Doodlebug can wear it as as a tunic/dress now and it will fit as a top later. I love knits for kids that last more than five minutes! The main downside to this pattern is the price. It is not for the faint of heart. I would love to make Fiona's Top too, but I can't bring myself to shell out another nine dollars for such a similar pattern. Also this is one of those patterns that makes you do a little math along the way - I remember being feeling annoyed at that given what I paid. That said, I would not hesitate to make this again.

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply
Hand Dyed by: Craftie Young Peoples Priceless Yarns
Colourway: Nikki

This is one of my favourite superwash yarns. It is only improved when dyed as a semisolid with koolaid - and it makes it smell yummy too!

Doodlebug is already proving herself to be "knit worthy". This tunic is one of the few things that she will usually put on without much of a fight. She loves to tell everyone that she is wearing Mummy's "mitting". She might be tough to take pictures of right now, but she is still pretty darn cute.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Nikki

PS: As usual, I'm linking up with Tami's Amis and all the awesome FO's that are going on over there.

Friday, February 15, 2013

FO Friday #66 - Well Travelled

Happy Friday everyone!

I am very excited to show you today's Finished Object. I admit to feeling pretty proud about this one.

Traveling to Nova Scotia

Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante
Size Large
Details on my Ravelry page here

Colourway: Cove
1.25 skeins used

I had a great time knitting this Traveling Woman shawl for my husband's aunt's 60th birthday. I couldn't believe how quickly it knit up. It took me less than a month and I had a baby and knit several baby items at the same time!

The yarn was a dream and I would use it again in a second. Because it is single ply, I don't think it would wear well for socks or garments but I think it is a perfect yarn for lace and shawls.

It turned at quite a bit bigger than I was expecting but I think it is gorgeous. I know my aunt has a special wedding to attend this summer - I hope this shawl will be the perfect accessory!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I am especially looking forward to mine as my Dad is flying out to meet his newest Grandson for the first time!

Cheers, Nikki

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday #82 - Babies are a time suck

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Man, do I wish I could figure out how to breastfeed and knit at the same time! Because my mum is here helping out, I am getting some knitting done, but not as much as you would expect from someone who is awake 20 hours a day... Or maybe exactly as much as you would expect from someone who is awake 20 hours a day. Some mornings I feel like I could star in my own zombie movie and I wouldn't even need any make up !

I have managed to finish my Travelling Woman shawl (hint - check this space Friday for a peek).

And after working a fairly complex lace project, I decided to switch things up and do something in super bulky. Wow! It just flies off the needles.

I'm currently working on Jane Richmond's Autumn hat. I'm using Cascade 128 held double in a gorgeous colourway (which unfortunately does not photograph well - is much brighter and greener in real life).

The best part? It's a Christmas gift! Knitting may well be the only part of my world where I feel organized.

Here is a bonus shot of the Time Sucking Bean. (AKA my other major Work In Progress - this particular project is going to take a lonnnnnnng time).

Yeah, he's worth it : )

Cheers, Nikki

Friday, February 1, 2013

FO Friday # - A Labour of Love

Happy Friday everyone!

The day before I had my new baby - who I will now call Bean (thanks Paula!), I started a very simple little vest for him. 
When I went into labour the next day, I thought it would be the perfect project to take to the hospital with me. I then spent the next 8 hours or so knitting the same two rows, over and over and over. See, the pattern is incredibly simple, but you do need to slip the first stitch of each row and that one little detail was apparently too much for my addled mind to handle. At least it was distracting!
I did finish it over the next few days and then decided to add a little hat to complete the outfit. The little jumpsuit I have made for him is not going to fit for a while but these little items are perfect right now : )

Pattern - Pebble by Nikol Lohr (free!)

Pattern - Tubey by Woolly Wormhead
Yarn: 25g Berroco Blackstone Tweed

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend full of time to knit and check out more finished objects over at Tami's Amis!

Cheers, Nikki