Monday, February 25, 2013

A knitter with a newborn

My life is going through a time of constant adjustment. It is a time I have been through twice before: Life with a newborn.

Babies are constantly changing during their first year. Having lived through this twice before helps, but I am consistently amazed at how much I have forgotten.

This time is a little different though. This time I am adjusting not just as a mother... but also as a knitter.

Babies really do impact knitting time (and they really don't seem to care that they are doing it).

The yarn you see is an example of the type of guilty spoils a "knitter with a newborn" gets from her husband after he goes away on business for three days and leaves her with three kids while he gets two nights of uninterrupted sleep in a luxurious hotel room...
you know, hypothetically.

My knitting time would actually be greatly increased if I could figure out how to breastfeed and knit at the same time. But since I don't have a second pair of hands to make that work, I have instead greatly increased my knitting blog and Ravelry browsing time (Thank you ipad!).

It is ironic that as my knitting time is decreasing, my queue and stash are growing to epic proportions.

I have gotten a little creative at combining baby time and knitting time.

Yes, this is my new method for keeping Bean's soother clean when he's not using it ; )

I know this phase will pass quickly and in a few months I will be knitting more but missing having such a wee little babe.

Just yesterday Bean started crying and I muttered "Hang on sweetheart, I just have a few more stitches." My husband piped up told Bean that he better get used to that.

He'll learn his place soon enough : )

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Transitions always take a toll on our knitting time. Frustrating ;)

  2. Awww, so sweet. I would say you will miss these times, but right now you wouldn't believe it. LOL. I am facing a high school graduate in a few months. That is freaking me out! I wish I could go back to those baby moments!

  3. Lol I can so relate to this, my newborn is now 12 weeks and is starting to sit propped up looking at me making funny faces at her while knitting or crocheting...granted it only lasts for a row or two but I'll take all I can at this time. My project list has increased dramatically as well, I think its to much time browsing as our eyes can do that while the hands are busy lol. Enjoy as in a few shorts months they won't be newborns any more.