Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday #82 - Babies are a time suck

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Man, do I wish I could figure out how to breastfeed and knit at the same time! Because my mum is here helping out, I am getting some knitting done, but not as much as you would expect from someone who is awake 20 hours a day... Or maybe exactly as much as you would expect from someone who is awake 20 hours a day. Some mornings I feel like I could star in my own zombie movie and I wouldn't even need any make up !

I have managed to finish my Travelling Woman shawl (hint - check this space Friday for a peek).

And after working a fairly complex lace project, I decided to switch things up and do something in super bulky. Wow! It just flies off the needles.

I'm currently working on Jane Richmond's Autumn hat. I'm using Cascade 128 held double in a gorgeous colourway (which unfortunately does not photograph well - is much brighter and greener in real life).

The best part? It's a Christmas gift! Knitting may well be the only part of my world where I feel organized.

Here is a bonus shot of the Time Sucking Bean. (AKA my other major Work In Progress - this particular project is going to take a lonnnnnnng time).

Yeah, he's worth it : )

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Your son is adorable! Best WIP I've seen this week:) It takes time to get everything all figured out when you have a little one. I hope you can catch a nap though. Things are easier when you feel like you're rested.

  2. He's so precious! Wow! Getting a head start on Christmas, I wish I was so forward looking. I played nanny for my four month old granddaughter the other day, I couldn't even think of doing any knitting!

  3. it is SO nice to move up needle / hook size after working on soemthing for ages. I've just moved from a 3.5mm hook to a 5.5 and it's just lovely!

    He's totes adorbs!

  4. Take care, having a little one is hard work. :-)

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  6. Totally worth it! Such a cute bean. Can't wait to see the shawl.