Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday #83 - Strathcona

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I'm on the final garter section of a light airy scarf I'm making for my aunt. The pattern is Jane Richmond's Strathcona. I love the little detail of the point in the middle. It has been a quick easy project. The yarn is Mirasol Nuna and the colour has brightened my days and had me looking forward to summer : )

Cheers, Nikki

PS: Ha ha, I just noticed the dinosaur that snuck into the picture. A little added aesthetic courtesy of my Monkey.


  1. Neat idea for a scarf. IS that a monster guarding it? LOL

  2. Oo I like that strathcona scarf, very nice coloured yarn too. The dinosaur made me smile, I've got a small boy who does things like that too :-)

  3. The scarf is looking awesome, especially in that wonderful color. Love all the patterns in Island. They are so simple and modern looking.

  4. Amazing color and think it'll turn out lovely.

  5. Beautiful scarf. I like how the garter stitch solidity contrasts with the airy lace. And I giggled at the well-placed dino.