Friday, March 1, 2013

FO Friday # - I is for "I'm way ahead"

Happy Friday everyone.

My knitting may be the only thing in my life that I feel on top of right now. Oh well, I guess one thing is better than none ; )

My LYS's monthly "AlphaKal" is up to "J" now (wow! I can't believe we've been at it for 10 months!). For February I had to find a pattern or yarn that started with I. I decided to go for something bulky because:
a) it would hopefully knit up quickly
b) I was looking for an excuse to try the Cascade 128 Superwash that the store had brought in.

So, I knit an Improv cowl holding the yarn double and then added an Autumn hat to match (also with the yarn held double). The yarn was every bit as dreamy to knit with as I hoped. Great colour and super soft. Yay!
The best part? These are going to be Christmas gift! (although I will admit I having a very hard time not keeping them for myself!)

Super easy and satisfying pattern. It did grow A LOT when I blocked it and I wonder if it is a bit too big now. My friend suggested adding a big button so you can snug it up around the neck which sounds like a much better idea than frogging (although then I would get to knit with the yarn again...).

I love this hat although I feel like the pattern is pretty pricey for such a simple knit. 

I think I've decided that the only way to ensure this set stays a Christmas gift is to treat myself to more of the yarn for my very own hat.

Coming soon ; )

Cheers, Nikki

It's Friday, so of course I'm linking up with all the other fabulous FO's over at Tami's Amis!


  1. Oooh, those both look super snuggly :) Love the colour too

  2. I love when you find a yarn that just does it for you. Ultra Alapca is my drug. Fine, DK, whatever weight, adore it! Love the cowl and hat. Maybe you should just wrap them up now and stow them away?

  3. They look great! (And great on you - definitely need some to keep for yourself.)

  4. I haven't yet tried that Cascade ... I don't think my LYS has it. It looks great :-)

  5. They both look awesome - very warm and cozy! I like that color a lot, too.

  6. Love the color! The yarn looks so soft.