Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday #90 - Fresh Starts

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here in Calgary, we have plunged back into the winter-that-will-not end. We've seen snow for three days in a row. If you think about it, it's horrifying. Which is why I am not thinking about it. I am dressing my children in spring coats and ignoring their plaintive cries of being cold while I shiver in my capris.

I have also started some new "suitable for spring" projects.

I have finally started the January pattern from Tanis Fiber Arts' Colour of the Month Club. This is Aerie Scarf in Silver Label Mulberry Silk in the colourway Boysenberry. The lace is complicated but so far so good. I'm loving it.

I also decided to join luvinthemommyhood's Spring KAL again this year. I love the short sleeve cardi I made last year. This year I am making Creme Brulee. I'm using a cotton silk blend in a gorgeous bright colour. Just looking at it lifts my spirits.

Apparently the temperature is supposed to be in the twenties (Celsius!) by the weekend. What can I say? I'm not holding my breath.

Cheers, Nikki

Check out Tami's Amis for more Works in Progress and luvinthemommyhood for a peek at what everyone else in the KAL is knitting.



  1. The creme brulee looks like such a neat pattern! I might have to have a go at it! And I love the color you have chosen! And that lace pattern is amazing!

  2. Your projects are wonderful! Sorry your weather isn't better.

  3. ugh..I'd try to ignore the weather also..we are having the exact opposite and all signs of winter have's flip-flop time..both projects you've posted will end up on my list..the scarf is wonderful and boysenberry seems to be the perfect color..

  4. I love the pink!!! And I'm so sorry about the Calgary weather! We've been nice and sunny all week, and I'm welcoming the relief from the cold!

  5. Snow in May = a total bummer. Your two WIP's = bright and beautiful. I hope that the snow melts soon for you! In the meantime, have fun knitting on the scarf and pullover. Absolutely love the cute style of Creme Brûlée.

  6. Those bright colors are perfect!