Friday, May 31, 2013

FO Friday # 76 - Here Fishy Fishy

Happy Friday everyone!

I have had a very long week. Unfortunately I don't think the weekend is going to bring me much relief. My sweet and precious Bean has figured out how to get out of his swaddle and in the process has gone from sleeping 8-10 hours through the night, to sleeping 2-4 hours at a time . Sigh. I knew it was all too good to be true.

Thankfully, I have a fun knit to show you that will definitely brighten the day.


Tah Da!!!!


Pattern: Fishtail Scarf 475 by Lucy Neatby.

I thought this pattern would be the death of me. I went backwards and forwards so many times, I probably knit this twice. The pattern is very well written and surprisingly simple to execute. All the problems were my own. (My knitting would definitely improve it I could learn how to count - and perhaps count more often.) I would suggest doing a practice swatch of the scallops because you need to find a tension that works for you and you don't want your tension to change over the course of the knit. I think that my first row of scallops is a little looser than the rest. Also, weighing your yarn is key so that you will know that you have enough yarn left at the mid point.

Colourway: The Loop
Amount Used: almost every bit of one skein.

This the coolest part of this knit IMHO. The colourway was custom made for my LYS The Loop. It is the exact colour of the walls in the shop. This yarn is amazing. It stood up brilliantly to multiple froggings and reknittings. I think I have just enough left for a hexipuff.

I reduced the pattern by 8 rows (two sets of scallops) to be able to finish is with one skien.


I am super happy with this FO. I think it is a fun, unique shape that suits the colourway perfectly. I;m going to give it to my aunt for Christmas. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

If there is rain in your weekend forecast, like there is in mine, I hope you will use your indoor time to check out some more fabulous FO's though Tami's blog. But if it's going to be sunny and warm where you are, get outside and make the most of it! Enjoy.

Cheers, Nikki

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday #93 -

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I don't have an awful lot to show you because I finished my Fishtail scarf! YAY!! and because I ripped back my Aerie scarf to where I made the extra stitch (come on, you knew I would) and have knit back to the exact same spot. Yay?

I have been working on my Creme Brulee top and am just about to split for the sleeves. I really like the way it looks but I'm a little unsure how long to knit the body for. I didn't knit a gauge swatch... Wait, wait! I had a good reason. I'm quite sure this cotton yarn will grow and I seriously doubt a small guage swatch would accurately reflect the way the full garment will behave. According to the pattern, I am to knit the body for 14.5 inches. I have stopped at about 13. Let's just hope I don't end up with a crop top. Nobody needs to see that.


Before I go, I cold use some opinions about one of my next projects. My LYS is up to the letter M in our "alphaKAL" and I am planning to do "M is for Madelinetosh". I am considering diving into beaded knitting and making a Faberge shawl (a pattern a scored for free a little while ago).

I have this purple yarn (colourway flashdance) with some great coordinating beads but need a second colour to go with it.


What do you think about green for the second colour? Too much? It is a lot of colour but I'm kind of drawn to it. My first thought was to use a light gray but I just couldn't find anything that was quite right.
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday and get the chance to swing by Tami's Amis to check out (a ton of) other WIP's.

Cheers, Nikki

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perfect Pins - Homework for Parents

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Recently, my son came home with an assignment to bring something to show-and-tell that had been made from products that we already had at home. They were learning about world resources and recycling and reusing. My first thought was "Ah, homework for parents... and so it begins."

I found a cute craft on Pinterest that would use up all our leftover plastic eggs from Easter. When I saw we would need yarn for it. I was sold. I actually gave Monkey the choice of a couple different crafts (bird feeder out of a milk carton anyone?) but he wisely chose the one that not only had yarn in it but also involved me using a drill : )

Here is the original pin:

And here is our creation:


(I am playing with a new app called ColorSplash. You like?)

In the end, this craft was a lot of fun and perfectly suited for a five year old and his mum. I drilled the eggs and thread the yarn on a darning needle but after that it was pretty much all up to my Monkey. He enjoyed choosing the order of the coloured shells and concentrating on threading the yarn through the drill holes. He put the eyes on and cut the yarn for the tongue.

It's been a month and he's still playing with it and I don't have any more of those leftover easter eggs lying around my house. Win Win!


I am sure this was only the first of many "homework for parents" assignments. I am going to try to remember the successes and keep in mind that I've already passed grade school when we do experience an inevitable failure.

Cheers, Nikki

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday #92 - Extra Stitches Edition

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I'm back from a long weekend away and I feel like I've lost all control of the time. How can it be Wednesday already??

I think I'm making progress on my WIP's... but honestly, there has been a lot of back and forth action going on.

For instance:

My lovely silky Aerie Scarf is past the mid point.


for this nasty extra stitch. This project is currently in time out (frequently along with Doodlebug these days) until I have the time and the will to rip out the last 3 inches.

In other news,  my challenging and interesting Fishtail Scarf is going well.


There appears to be two too many stitches here. (Fixing this will involve tinking back about 600 stitches)

And see here where the tension is all wonky? Yeah, that's where I made and extra stitch and didn't notice for about 12 rows and couldn't bear to rip it back so I just dropped it and tried to even out the tension a bit.

Sigh. That sh*t will block out, right? I have that saying on a t-shirt so it must be true.

Hope this Wednesday finds all your WIP's only progressing in a forward direction! And finds you checking out all the WIP's over on Tami's blog : )

Cheers, Nikki

Friday, May 10, 2013

FO Friday #75 - Starter Sewing

Happy Friday everyone!

I finished the first part of my free Craftsy Class and have made myself a project bag! I am pretty proud of myself. It is fully lined and the perfect size for a small project like socks (or scarves that are in the process of being cast on for a second time after three hours work had to be ripped out due to an inability to count). You know, hypothetically. 

The one note I will make is that sewn drawstrings are a major pain in the butt. The next bag I make will most certainly have ribbon or icord instead.

I would really like to try making a flat bottomed bag with a zipper. But as this wee bag took me two weeks to finish, I'm not holding my breath ; )

FYI to you knitters: Craftsy put up a new course this week about grafting by Anne Hanson. It's free!

Happy Mother's Day to all those North American, Aussie and Kiwi mum's out there! We are supposed to have beautiful weather for our weekend here and I hope you are too.

Cheers, Nikki

PS: FO's galore (most involving actual yarn, unlike mine) here!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday #91 - Making Tracks

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am spoiled for choice with my knitting right now. Both of my spring projects are ticking along and I haven't even started my AlphaKal project for this month.

Spring Fling for luvinthemommyhood's KAL

I'll be adding a lime green to this vibrant bouquet with L is for Loop. I want to try to knit Lucy Neatby's Fishtail Scarf 475 with it but I'm starting to wonder if that's a bit ambitious. 

Oh well, the arrival of spring has got me feeling reenergized. Hopefully, I'm up to the challenge. 

Cheers, Nikki

Friday, May 3, 2013

FO Friday #74 - Unseasonable Hat

Happy Friday everyone!

I have quick small FO to share today. My son's friend's dad has been not-so-subtley hinting that he would love a knit hat. When I made his daughter legwarmers for Christmas he joked that he double checked the wrapping to make sure that he hadn't missed his hat. About a month ago we found out that they will be moving to another province this summer. I decided to make him his hat as a going away gift.

So, this week on what will hopefully be the last snowfall day of the year, I gifted him with his hat. At least he got to wear it for one day. No to worry, where they are moving is just as cold as here. There will be plenty of winter left for it.

Pattern: Windschief by Stephen West
Size: medium

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios (my go-to hat yarn!)
Coulourway: Playa

We are heading on a day trip to the mountains tomorrow to enjoy the true start to spring. I can't wait! (and not only because there is a fabulous yarn store there ; )

I hope you have plenty to look forward this weekend.

Cheers, Nikki

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday #90 - Fresh Starts

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here in Calgary, we have plunged back into the winter-that-will-not end. We've seen snow for three days in a row. If you think about it, it's horrifying. Which is why I am not thinking about it. I am dressing my children in spring coats and ignoring their plaintive cries of being cold while I shiver in my capris.

I have also started some new "suitable for spring" projects.

I have finally started the January pattern from Tanis Fiber Arts' Colour of the Month Club. This is Aerie Scarf in Silver Label Mulberry Silk in the colourway Boysenberry. The lace is complicated but so far so good. I'm loving it.

I also decided to join luvinthemommyhood's Spring KAL again this year. I love the short sleeve cardi I made last year. This year I am making Creme Brulee. I'm using a cotton silk blend in a gorgeous bright colour. Just looking at it lifts my spirits.

Apparently the temperature is supposed to be in the twenties (Celsius!) by the weekend. What can I say? I'm not holding my breath.

Cheers, Nikki

Check out Tami's Amis for more Works in Progress and luvinthemommyhood for a peek at what everyone else in the KAL is knitting.