Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Perfect Pins - Homework for Parents

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Recently, my son came home with an assignment to bring something to show-and-tell that had been made from products that we already had at home. They were learning about world resources and recycling and reusing. My first thought was "Ah, homework for parents... and so it begins."

I found a cute craft on Pinterest that would use up all our leftover plastic eggs from Easter. When I saw we would need yarn for it. I was sold. I actually gave Monkey the choice of a couple different crafts (bird feeder out of a milk carton anyone?) but he wisely chose the one that not only had yarn in it but also involved me using a drill : )

Here is the original pin:

And here is our creation:


(I am playing with a new app called ColorSplash. You like?)

In the end, this craft was a lot of fun and perfectly suited for a five year old and his mum. I drilled the eggs and thread the yarn on a darning needle but after that it was pretty much all up to my Monkey. He enjoyed choosing the order of the coloured shells and concentrating on threading the yarn through the drill holes. He put the eyes on and cut the yarn for the tongue.

It's been a month and he's still playing with it and I don't have any more of those leftover easter eggs lying around my house. Win Win!


I am sure this was only the first of many "homework for parents" assignments. I am going to try to remember the successes and keep in mind that I've already passed grade school when we do experience an inevitable failure.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. How cute! He sure does love it. And do I see a little one doing a photo bomb? LOL

  2. That is so cute. Great project selection ;-)