Friday, June 28, 2013

FO Friday #76 - Spring Fling

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a new top! And I really love it... now.

I really made this simple and lovely knit so much harder than it needed to be! Perhaps we will just go with "the ends justify the means" on this one.

Pattern: Creme Brulee by Juliet Moody
This simple pattern is written bottom up in the round. I really like the loose style that makes it ideal for summer because it suits a light drapey yarn and is perfect for layering with a tank top.

83% cotton 17% silk
dk weight

This is a lovely yarn to knit. I choose it mostly for the colour but throughly enjoyed working with it. The yarn has a very slight fuzziness and is not as shiny an many pima yarns. 

Before sweater surgery
My experience with cotton yarns is than they grow a lot. I didn't do a gauge swatch with this one because I didn't think it would truly represent the behaviour of the whole garment when washed. And maybe it wouldn't have. I didn't want my top to be huge, so I knit the small size and knit the body just a little short to allow for that growth I knew was coming... except of course that it didn't come. My finished top was definitely wearable but I felt like I wanted to keep tugging on it. Because it is knit bottom up, I thought I was stuck. 


 The owner of my LYS suggested that I cut off  the cast on edge and the ribbing and then put it back on the needles to make it longer. Say What!?!  I knew I wouldn't be happy with it the way it was so I I gave it a go. I was a real mess but it absolutely worked.
*pro tip* you really need to cut (yes, with scissors) all the way to the row before the one you want to put on the needles. The yarn will not just unravel like with normal frogging. So, you will save a lot of time if you cut right up to the row you need - ask me how I know ; )

I am thrilled with the final result. It was certainly worth all the work. it has already become my go-to summer top.

I triple dipped this sweater in 3 podcast KAL's: The Must Stash Podcast, The Knit Girllls and Fat Squirrel Speaks. So fun!

Be sure to check out more FO's through Tami's Amis and come back here Sunday for my spinning post as I kick off Tour de Fleece with a giveaway. 

Cheers, Nikki


  1. That pattern is on my list for summer, I love how yours turned out!

  2. It's so gorgeous! Am adding it to my list :)

  3. Beautiful top. I've used that cut and add technique myself and it can be hair-raising the first time. After that I figured out it was smarter to run a life line through the new beginning row before cutting the yarn. ;)

  4. It's beautiful! I love the color you chose. What a lovely lacy pattern!

  5. Surgery like that still really scares me. Your sweater looks great, though!

  6. I love this beautiful pattern and color. You did nice work!

  7. Lovely! You did a great job:)

  8. Cutting off the cast-on edge = SCARY! Congrats. It's lovely and it really is the perfect summer top!

  9. Your brave surgery really paid off big time! It is a gorgeous top! Love the color and it looks wonderful on you. The shape is very on-trend right now, too.