Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday #97 - School's Out

Happy Wednesday everyone!

School is over for the year, and suddenly I am feeling the full weight of being a stay-at-home-momma of three. Not to mention, the flood has put a serious damper on my strategies for keeping the kids occupied. Hiking in the mountains? Nope, the highway is washed out. Zoo? Closed for three weeks - also I'm a little freaked that the hippos almost escaped.  Community splash park? Dry until the water restrictions are lifted. Yikes!! I'm relying on playdates for now... ok and maybe the odd movie (or two).

Having said that,  I'm am making fast tracks on my M is for Momma Monster. I think I will be at the  point of stuffing and assembly by Thursday. 


Do you like how my project bag matches my monster? Total coincidence but it's got me thinking... wouldn't it would be great to have a matching bag for every project? (If my husband could read my mind, he'd be leaping off the couch right now to chop up my credit cards.)

The monster making has been quick but it has not been without its casualties. 


I have no idea what happened here. I know I tend to knit tighter when I magic loop but this is ridiculous. You can see in the first pic that I'm now knitting with a brand new ChiaoGoo Red fixed circular. The bend at the join takes a little getting used to, but other than that, they are great so far.

Now the biggest question is what to knit next? I have a plan for something I can't start  until July 1st but in the meantime I have a few ideas. The choices seem to fall into two categories: what I want to knit and what I should knit. I guess you will have to check back next Wednesday to see which one wins!

I will finally get to show you my new spring top on Friday and be sure to check back Sunday to see what I picked up at the Olds Fibre Week (hint - there just might be giveaway too).

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday currently "in progress" - ha, I slay myself.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. School holidays start at the end of this week here in Australia. Have no idea what we are going to do lol. Great knitting:)

  2. I think a bag for every project is a lovely idea :-)

  3. In my post this week, I have included the 4 project bags in the picture with the projects...although they are not all matching..I'm a sucker for a nice bag..

  4. I love the idea for the bag, I am about to make one for myself from an old used jeans, but yet to have the time to start. Love the colour of your knitting project too.

  5. good luck with the mamma song-and-dance week (that's what I used to call those....entertain-me times; now it's the granny song-and-dance....sometimes they simply can't play without me!?)

    I love the little alphabet monsters! A friend made me an 'S' last year for my birthday.