Friday, July 26, 2013

Fibre Addiction Fridays #1 - He Gets It!

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought that I would start a new post for the Fridays when I don't have an FO to share. I'm calling it Fibre Addiction Fridays but it really will be all things related to knitting/spinning/crocheting enabling and not just fibre (What can I say, I like alliteration titles).

This week I'm excited to show you what I have picked up on my trip to Nova Scotia. Mostly at Baadeck Yarns (of Yarn Harlot fame).

First, a short story of how I got to go to this fabulous yarn shop. My husband planned a weekend excursion during our trip to the family home near Peggy's Cove. When he said we were going to go to some historic sites on Cape Breton, I mused about whether they might be any yarns shops on the way. My darling husband told me that he had found one in Badeck and made sure that we would be going through there when the shop was open. We went on to have a conversation about vacation yarn and my considerable substantial  adequate yarn stash. He told me he viewed my yarn stash like his wine collection. It has a purpose and it may linger for a while but part of a collection is enjoying the story behind its acquisition and looking forward to using it one day. I swear I could hear singing from above. He gets it!!!

Anyways, onto the shop, and of course, the yarn. (Remember, we are all friends here so no judging. Honestly, this yarn store laughs in the face of any knitter's yarn diet resolve and I wasn't trying that hard.)

What a lovely shop. We stopped in on a lovely Sunday afternoon and I went inside while my kids went stir crazy outside. The owner, Pat, made me feel so welcome. I wanted to stay in there forever... yes, partly to avoid my nutty kids but mostly to be surrounded by all that lovely yarn.

I was on a mission to buy Fleece Artist yarns, which are local to Nova Scotia. I certainly stuck to the program and picked up some lovely skeins, both in Baadeck and at LK Yarns, a very nice LYS in Halifax.

this photo is completely untouched - I am sure going to miss having granite to take pictures on when we go home

In order from left to right:

Fleece Artist Saldanha Two - a lace weight superwash merino 800m/100g from LK Yarns

Handmaiden (Fleece Artist's high end label) Casbah - fingering weight 81% merino, 9% cashmere, 10% nylon 325m/115g
The colourway is Cape Breton Highlands. Baadeck Yarns has colourways that are dyed exclusive for them by Fleece Artist and this is one of them. To top it off, Casbah is one of my favourite bases.

Fleece Artist Trail Socks - fingering weight 80% merino, 20% nylon 325m/115g In the Baadeck Yarns exclusive colourway First Flight

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 - fingering weight 100% merino 350m/125g from LK Yarns

and the piece de la resistance...
Handmaiden Marrakesh - lace weight 70% silk, 30% baby camel in the Baadeck Yarns exclusive colourway Blueberry Mist

The palette of blues and purples was entirely by accident but it held true when I discovered some Fleece Artist Fibre at Baadeck Yarns as well.

Each roving is 50 grams of 100% merino. I thinking of plying them together and making some funky mitts or a hat.

Well that's it! I haven't made plans for any of these lovelies yet but I'm sure I will enjoy spending lots of time plotting on Ravelry and remembering our trip when I get home. For now, I'm going to go and make the most of our last day of vacation!

Cheers, Nikki

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  1. I love your husbands description of a stash, he sounds like a keeper lol

  2. OOOOOH! I love your newest acquisitions and that your husband "get's it" My husband still doesn't see the need to visit LYS when we travel (not that we travel much) but is understanding when I go on a yarn quest with friends so that's a win in my book.

    Looking forward to seeing what you will make with those yarns. I LOVE the one on the left side the most. Beautiful colors.

  3. Beautiful, all that fleece artist and handmaiden. They are going to be at a knitters retreat in ontario this fall and I so want to go, their yarns are so wonderful to work with.

    Hubby sure sounds like a keeper ... and I think I figured out when mine doesn't get it, both the stash and the wine collection are mine, lol.

  4. Really beautiful yarns. How nice to share that understanding with your husband!

  5. Lucky you to have a hubby who understand the "need" for yarn acquisition! Those are beautiful yarns.

  6. Really enjoyed reading your post this morning. I'm also lucky to have a hubby who "get's it"! What lovely yarns, and I agree, the granite makes them come to life....beautiful pic. Looking forward to seeing what you create with these lovely yarns and seeing that fiber spun.

  7. I love this story.... and that the story is part of the stash. :-)

  8. Wow! Can your husband talk to mine? LOL. Gorgeous shades. Can't wait to see them in action.

  9. YAY...another good one! I call my husband "The Grand Enabler". He is terrible~I ALWAYS leave the yarn store with much more than I went for!

  10. After he talks to Chris' husband, can he call mine up?
    Gorgeous yarns all. Especially love that some of the colours are dyed exclusively for Baadeck Yarns which makes them even more special.

  11. Some people get a job close to home, I got a job 300m from Baadeck Yarns and one hour from home. It happened by accident, I swear! I'm so glad that you got a chance to stop in to visit Pat and her shop. Cape Breton Highlands and First Flight are actually my favourites of their exclusive colorways. You have impeccable taste!