Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Spins on a Monday (again)

Happy Monday everyone!

I spent much of the weekend in a place with no cel service and little internet access. And we weren't even in the wilderness! We were in gorgeous towns full of people.
I know! Who knew such places still existed?

I wanted to share a little bit of one of the places we went with you. It is a town on the coast of Nova Scotia called Sherbrooke. They have preserved and restored part of the village back to its glory days of late 1800's. You can visit and watch an interpretation of village life as it would have been back then. There are blacksmiths and bakers, doctors and potters. But, of course, what I was really interested in was all things fibre.

Most of the spinning and weaving equipment is very well maintained and still in use. You can buy handmade tea towels and various knitwear at the giftshop for insanely reasonable prices (IMHO).

Watching the woman weaving cloth on the old loom was amazing (and noisy). What I was really struck by was how similar much of the equipment was to what we use today. Obviously the looms and spinning wheel have been modernized but the niddy noddy and swifts are almost exactly the same.

It truly did feel like visiting back in time. I enjoyed spinning that evening on my spindle and feeling like in my own small way, I too am helping to keep the past alive.

Cheers, Nikki

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  1. That place looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)