Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday #101 - Dilemma

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I keep forgetting that this a regular week for most folks. Losing track of the days is one of my favourite things about being on vacation. Everyday is a Saturday. (Except the last day before you go home. That day is like one long Sunday night. That will be Friday for us. Boo.)

I have, at least, managed to be on time for Work-in-progress Wednesday. Last week we took a long road trip and as I wasn't named on the rental vehicle, I got to knit the whole time. (Note to self: NEVER  get named on the rental vehicle!)

I finished my Noble Cowl but I won't be able to show it until I get home and block it. I made good progress on my first self striping sock with an afterthought heel.


Then, I spent the rest of my time working on my Citron.  

It is much more limey than this photo is showing but it's pouring rain and this is best I could get.

Herein lies the problem. I'm really enjoying the knitting and how the pattern is looking. But... I hate the colour. I'm using Malabrigo Lace in the Mariposa colourway. I like the yellow and purpley-brown flecks but the overall colour is turning out very limey. Lime is definitely not one of my colours.

As I see it, I have four choices. I can:

  • Finish the shawl and give it away 
  • Finish the shawl and dye it (I have never done this)
  • Frog it and dye the yarn (I have also never dyed yarn)
  • Finish it, decide it is gorgeous and keep it.
Thoughts? Advice? Commiserations? All would be appreciated.

I have looked forward to knitting myself a Citron for a long time. Being knit in lace weight yarn, it is a pretty big commitment and I really want to love it.

On a happier note, I have started to catch up on some of the podcasts I missed while I was away in the Land Lacking in Modern Technology and I was shocked to see I got a shout-out on the Must Stash Podcast! So exciting! I have to admit I involuntarily squealed - shh don't tell. Thanks Stacie and Steph!

As usual, I'm linking up with Tami's for WIP Wednesday. I won't be able to show you my FO on Friday so instead I'm going to start a new post for Fridays when I don't have an FO that I'm calling "Feed the Fibre Addiction Fridays". This week will start with my purchases from my visit this past weekend to Baadeck Yarns. Yippee!

Hope your Wednesday is so much fun you forget what day it is!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Well, I Like IT!

    If the YARN was inexpensive, then "GIFT IT".
    If mucho-$$, LEARN-TO-*LOVE*-IT! Then, pass IT on to Your Progeny! [If They waiver, insist that IT's "Retro"]

    Perhaps if You wear IT with a nice solid soft-pale-blush-Pink as a contrast..?

    Whatever, SAFE TRIP HOME!

  2. Three out of the foyer options involve finishing it... I would finish it and decide from there what to do.

  3. I would repurpose or gift the yarn and knit the pattern with something you love! I don't seem to finish or enjoy projects that I "make do".

  4. I'd finish it and if you still don't like it redye it or gift it to someone who loves it. Dyeing isn't that hard, and it would be a shame to frog all your work

  5. tough one, that is a lot of lace weight knitting to frog. I know personally I don't end up using things if it isn't a colour I am fond of so I would probably vote "finish and gift".

    Though I am loving that sock!

  6. My vote is to finish and dye it... I think as long as you pick a darker color (purple, brown, dark green) and you're a bit flexible about the expectations, you'll love it :)

  7. Def. finish it! It looks beautiful and would make a perfect gift if you decide you really cant do the color when its finished. New follower via gfc from WIP. Would love to have you stop by and check out my page.

  8. Finish it! Love it! And if you don't give it to me ;-)
    I'll be following your blog to see progress, so be sure to post some! xxx

  9. Finish it and dye it!!! If you don't like it after that, gift it.

  10. I think finish it and pass it on to someone else who will love it. Sometimes our projects don't turn out like we want, but we just have to let them out in the world!

  11. My advice would be to start over in a yarn color that you really love. From the accounts of people who have made Citron, the knitting gets very slow as the number of stitches increase. It could be a slogfest. On the other hand, I think the mariposa colourway is quite lovely and would be a perfect gift also.