Friday, August 2, 2013

FO Friday #79 - N is Not for Noro

Happy Friday everyone!

First off, I'm going to apologize if my formatting for this post looks a little strange. I am blogging from my iPad while I'm on vacation and I'm finding it a little limiting.

July was for N in my LYS's AlphaKal. We had to choose a pattern yarn or colourway that started with N. I had planned to make a a Noro and Ultra Alpaca vest for my husband. The July heat quickly taught me that that plan was made of crazy. 

In the end, I made a lovey cowl from some Louisa Harding Grace Silk and Wool I had in my stash. My only annoyance is that I had three skeins and this cowl only used two. But really, the Noble Cowl pattern is free and made a quick satisfying lace knit.

I'm not sure who this one will be for but I think I will use it to start a collection of spare giveaway knits... If I don't keep it for myself.

Cheers, Nikki

Favourite Things: I'm thinking of ending my blog posts by letting you know something that got me feeling excited, happy or grateful.
This week it's Knit City. This knitting gathering (conference? retreat?) is being held the last weekend in October in Vancouver. Class registration went online yesterday. I have registered for a class with the Yarn Harlot!! I am so excited. I am going for the weekend with a couple of knitting friends and I can't wait. This is the first thing that has gotten me looking forward to Fall. Yay!


  1. The cowl looks really good. The colour is beautiful. I think your post still looks fantastic and you can't tell you've posted from an ipad.
    The class sounds fantastic and even better to be going with friends.

  2. Your post looks fine to me too. I love your cowl, and the whole concept of having a different letter each month to inspire you

  3. Lovely cowl and that yarn is yummy. I'm working on a sweater in it now and it will feel great around your neck. I'll keep it in mind because I will most likely end up with two skeins extra.

  4. Lovely cowl ... I think I would keep that one for myself :)

    I'm sure you will love your class with Yarn Harlot, she is a hoot. I saw her speak last fall and was laughing the whole time. Would love to take one of her classes.

  5. Your post is fine, nothing wrong with and your cowl is beautiful. Love the stitch pattern.

  6. Cute cowl. It's also the perfect kind of thing for gift-giving come Christmas.
    Have fun with the Yarn Harlot. She's a great public speaker - you'll be very entertained and inspired!

  7. How can you part with it! I would definitely keep it in my stash. Very cute. Love the color.

  8. The cowl looks great! Love the chocolate brown color paired with the grey top. You are so lucky to be going to Knit City. I heard that it was a really fun event. A class with the Yarn Harlot would be totally entertaining!