Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Spins: Acquisitions

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have a couple special purchases to share with you today. 

I got the chance to go to the Olds Fibre Week back in June (my very first fibre/knitting event!) I picked up several things there, but the most special with this gorgeous batt from The Wacky Windmill.

I wish you could feel how soft it is. It's a blend of merino, bamboo, silk, fire star, angelina and mohair. It is going to be a real challenge but I can't wait to spin this one!

Then a couple weeks ago I was goofing around on Etsy (FYI: this is a very dangerous pastime!) and I clicked over to The Knotted Bag. She had one bag in her shop. It had cute little sheep on it. When I saw it was a spinning bag I knew it was destined to be mine. She lines her spinning bags with satin so that fibre slips easily out for spinning. I loves it!

I am trying to make the most of a slow and sunny Sunday. I hope you're enjoying a your day too.

Cheers, Nikki

Favourite Things
Yesterday we travelled out to the mountains and went "day camping". We met our friends at their campsite and stayed all day. We went swimming in the lake, roasted marshmallows and watched a thunderstorm over the mountains. Then, at ten o'clock, we packed the kids up and drove home. Best. Camping. Ever. No trying to get kids to sleep in a tent on the hard ground, no waking up freezing at three in the morning needing to pee and no worrying about bear attacks in the night... I highly recommend it : )

Not too mention, all the great knitting time I got in the car!

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