Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Spins: Tools of the Trade

Happy Sunday everyone.

I am enjoying some fine summer weather on my visit to BC. I moved to Alberta six years ago and ideally cherish these visits back to show my kids where I grew up. This weekend is my home town's annual parade and festival. It is all the things small town parties should be: a parade that includes floats by every business in town, a softball tournament that runs all weekend, bouncy castles for the kids and beer gardens for the grown-ups. Good times.

Meanwhile, I am making slow and steady progress with my orange superwash merino roving from Tails & Snouts on etsy.

I am working on the final third while the first two thirds are safely stored on bobbins, ahem.

I thought today I would show you my spindles in a little more detail

My first spindle in the top one in the photo that I got for Christmas. It was handmade by Edward's Spindle Shop. It is a bottom whorl spindle made of hickory and purpleheart. It is probably considered a slightly heavier spindle. It weighs 43 grams. I think bottom whorl spindles are great to learn on. This spindle is very easy to flick and holds a spin for quite a long time. It is a drop spindle but you can also use it in a supported fashion to do long draw by spinning the base on a tabletop. I initially had some trouble with the single slipping up the shaft while I was was spinning before I realized that you are supposed to wind your leader down around the bottom shaft before bringing up to the hook. You can kind of see what I mean in the picture below.

Works like a charm. I think the biggest downside to the spindle is that because of the hook, you can't slide the cops of yarn off and have to go old school and wind them off.

My second spindle is an Emily Spindle by Adam's Workshop.  It is a top whorl, birch and purpleheart spindle weighing 25 grams. I am really enjoying spinning this spindle by rolling it along my leg. It feels quite natural and creates quite a fast spin. This spindle doesn't spin as long as my other spindle but I have found the lighter weight to be easier on my wrists. 

Next, I would love to try a Turkish spindle. I thinks that it might just combine the best both my two spindles.

Now, I'm off to the beach! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.

Cheers, Nikki

Favourite Things: The week I picked up the fall issue of Knitscene magazine. I really enjoy this magazine and in this issue the Impression vest, Forester hat and Terrace sock patterns have really caught my eye.

(Sorry for the lack of links in this post. The inability to link is definitely the biggest the biggest drawback of blogging on the iPad)

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  1. Thanks for going into detail about your spindles. They are both gorgeous, by the way. I have a top whorl but am considering buying a bottom whorl too in order to compare. Knitscene is one of my favorite knitting magazines. There's always a nice mix of interesting patterns.