Friday, October 11, 2013

FO Friday #84 - Cool Kids Hat

Happy Friday everyone!

The last couple days have been cool and wet here. I suspect that those first white flakes are just around the corner. I am dedicating myself to knitting winter accessories for my family. This year (for a change) I even started with something for myself : )

I saw a few podcasters making a Sockhead Hat towards the end of the summer and I wanted to be like the cool kids too. I love this hat and the best part is that it makes fabulous on-the-go knitting. It's very portable and and you just go round and round for about forever. Then one day (not one day soon - this is an awesome fingering weight knit, but it's not magic), it's a hat.


Pattern: Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure
Simple and free. Awesome.
I only knit for 7 inches before starting the decreases so I could have the option to wear the brim folded or not.

75 grams used
The perfect use for this lovely skein that was an unexpected gift from my friends.

I'm seriously tempted to cast on another one. Are you? You know you want to ; )

I'm linking up with Tami for FO Friday and with Wisdom Begins in Wonder for Fiber Arts Friday. Click over for oodles of yarny knitty goodness.

Cheers, Nikki

One last shot of my hat in the wild with my lovely Bean.


  1. Super job Nikki! And, I like that ColourCombo... It just gave me some thoughts... ;-D
    So. Is "Sockhead" what "The COOL KIDS" are actually calling them? - I've been knitting up a storm doing up a bunch of Toques and a Slouchy-Beret style of hats for my upcoming craft shows that are sorta "similar"... I'm hoping to *corner* that "COOL-KIDS-of-DEEP-POCKETED-PARENTS" market!

  2. Just love the hat, the yarn choice is perfect! You make me want to cast on one too ;-)

  3. Gorgeous, I love the look of the stripes!

  4. It is a darling hat! I know so, because it is similar to the Fair Isle Slouch that I just finished. And yes, yours is very cool and you will fit in with those other cool kids :o)

  5. How totally awesome is that hat and the yarn!!!! You are so one of the cool kids. XxxB

  6. I love that hat and how it looks great on just about every head type. The yarn you chose was perfect for it. It looks great on you.

  7. Very cute hat! Just the perfect amount of slouchiness. I like how the colors converge at the crown. Love that last picture of you and Bean.