Friday, October 4, 2013

FO Friday #84 - P is for Papaya

Happy Friday everyone!

I won't lie, this week has been a rough one. I feel like all the balls I've been keeping in the air since the start of September are starting to drop. To top it off, yesterday I fell down the stairs. I'm ok but I feel like I got hit by a truck. I'm just so thankful that I wasn't carrying the baby!

One bright spot this week was that I finally took photos of some of my more recent FO's. I channeled my inner mamatronic and did my own photo shoot. I didn't even let the discovery that my camera doesn't screw onto my tripod stop me.

Pattern: Papaya Shawlette by Tanis Lavalee

I have never knit a shawl pattern that incorporates both lace and cables. I love the overall effect. I initially had a lot of trouble with the bottom edge rolling. I wet blocked, spray blocked upside down and steam blocked. In the end I ripped out the cast off and added a couple rows of garter stitch before the bind off and that seems to have done the trick.
The pattern and yarn for this shawlette was designed as part of Tanis Fibre Arts Year in Colour Club (YiCC). This is the first club I have ever subscribed to and I have loved it. The patterns are exclusively available to the club for one year.

75% Merino, 15% Cashmere and 10% Silk

This yarn is so soft and squishy. Because it is a low twist single I doubt it would hold up well to garments but it makes a gorgeous shawl. One skein is 115g and I had less that 10 grams left when I finished. 

I can't decide if I can pull off this colourway or not. As I rule, I usually avoid pink but this little beauty might be too hard to give up.

I am including this FO as part of the The Loop's AlphaKal, The Fat Squirrel's Squirrel is Away KAL and Must Stash Podcast's Rhinebeck or bust KAL. Triple dipping FTW!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! Make sure you hold on to the handrails when going down stairs!! I'm off to soak my aching body in a hot bath (Ha ha, as if. I'm probably actually changing a diaper or doing the pick up and drop off circus routine with my kids).

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Lovely pattern, I think the colour suits you well. Hope your aches and pains get better soon

  2. I think it is lovely, and suits you very well!

  3. Thank goodness you weren't carrying the baby when you fell. Sounds like you're getting a strong signal to slow down and take care of yourself! Love LOVE love the shawl. I'm a huge fan of Tanis Fiber Arts yarns. The colour suits you fine, but it's up to you how it makes you feel. I find wearing pinky shades makes me feel slightly overheated, if that makes any sense at all.

  4. The color looks great on you! Wear it with confidence. Love the mix of cables and lace too. Will be watching for the pattern's release. Glad you were not seriously injured and no baby involved. My SIL learned a lesson about firmly holding on to handrails of attic ladders. Broken heel and wrist will be her reminders.

  5. Your shawl is gorgeous and sorry to hear about Your fall.

  6. I hope you are feeling better now. The shawl isn't really pink. I think it's beautiful and a perfect match. Happy weekend. Regula

  7. That beautiful coral color looks great on you. Hope you are feeling better. I think stairs come to life and trip us up sometimes:)

  8. Wow! Great work! I'll definitely want to make this one once the pattern becomes available!

  9. Lovely shawl! The yarn you used is so cherful.

    Here's my FO:

  10. Beautiful! Love the interesting mix of cables and lace, too. Hope that you have recovered from your fall.

  11. The colour is gorgeous, keep keep keep!

    Hope you feel better soon - when I was about ten I fell down stairs while holding my two year old cousin and neither of us were particularly well for a few days after that...and I was never allowed to hold the baby again!!