Friday, October 18, 2013

FO Friday #85 - It's Fall, Y'all

Happy Friday everyone!

I cannot tell you how much I wish I lived in a place where I could get away with saying "y'all" in real life. Maybe I should start using it and see what happens? (*Spoiler Alert - what will happen is that my husband will look at me like I have gone off the deep end.)

Anyways, moving on to the knitting, I have hats! I have soooo many hats, but today I will show you two. I apologize for the photography, Bean is not as anamoured with his hats as I am. 

First up is his wee pumpkin hat. I made the two bigger kids pumpkin hats three years ago and my Monkey still insists on cramming his on his head from time to time. Bean is actually going to be a pumpkin for Halloween, so there was no way I could resist making him one. Added bonus: I used stash!

Pattern: Little Pumpkin by Susan B. Anderson 
Size: 18 months

100% Merino DK weight
Needles: 3.75 mm / US 5

Next up is another quick knit winter hat for Bean. This time I went for a Woolly Wormhead pattern that satisfied this month's "Q" requirement for my LYS AlphaKAL. Bean is even less tolerant of this one...

I guess there's just no accounting for some people's tastes. Though, on those brief moments when he leaves it alone, it sure is cute.

Pattern: Quynn by Woolly Wormhead
Size 18 inches
Needles 4.5 mm / US 7
Yarn: Knit Picks Chroma worsted in the Guppy colourway

That's it for this week. I will have more (hats) to show next Friday, when I will be on my way to Knit City - Yippee!!!!

I'm linking up with Tami's FO Friday and Wonderwhygal's Fiber Arts Friday . Click over to check out all the yarny goodness.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. The hats are darling, your little pumpkin is precious!!! More baby in hat pics please!

  2. Those photos are precious! I LOVE that pumpkin hat, especially!

  3. Awww, super cute. I want a pumpkin hat of my very own :)

  4. I love that little pumpkin hat.... I use y'all and you all, all the time... and I always turn on the tiniest southern accent when I do. :-)

  5. Lucky Bean to be getting two awesome hats! He looks adorable in both. He is going to be the cutest pumpkin ever!

  6. Can't decide which is cuter: the boys or the hats. Equal darlingness!

  7. Oh, you have ONE pumpkin; thought there were two...duh