Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday Spins on a Monday - Silky Sadness

Happy Monday everyone.

Well, I'm going to have to call this one a learning experience...

I finished spinning my merino and tussah silk braid. This was my first spin ever with silk content.

First lesson: when spinning with silk, add more twist.

I thought I did add more twist. I increased my whorl ratio and was conscious to try to add more twist to my single but when I plied I had several episodes where the single drifted apart. Overall, I was happy with my ability to reattach the single and continue to chain play but I suspect when I knit it up there are going to be bits that are a hot mess.

Second lesson: It is ok if your skein seems a bit overplied when you are done.

I was worried about how much energy was still in the skein when I finished plying. Not only did the entire skein have a bit of a twist but I could see parts where the individual strands of yarn were twisting back on themselves. What a difference a good washing and thwacking can make! Now it looks really balanced.

Third lesson: Rinse quickly if the dye runs.

here is some of the original fibre again the yarn after washing

Would that have helped?
I wish I had a picture of the skein before I washed it. I chain plied to preserve the gradient of colours that started with a sunshine yellow, became orange, and ended up strawberry pink. Well, the water in the sink looked like Orange Crush by the time I finished washing the yarn and now the whole skein is a muted orangey-yellow that transitions to orangey-pink. Sniff

I don't actually know how I could have prevented this.

The end result is still very pretty and kind of reminds me of rainbow sherbet : )

And anyways, I'm not bitter. In fact, I'm already moving on...

SweetGeorgia merino, bamboo and silk

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Saw your post in Yarnraising and just wanted to let you know the skein is lovely!

  2. yummm, you can't go wrong with rainbow sherbet! well done :)

  3. It's still lovely although I wonder if you could add some vinegar to the water to help it set. I hate when my yarn bleeds out the dye like that. There are a couple of venders I avoid because their fiber is never rinsed well.

  4. Oh that is so beautiful! And useful lesson learned by all accounts too. Thanks for linking up with Spinning Show & Tell. x

  5. I think that the end result is still so pretty. Thanks for the detailed lessons. I am having a hard time judging how much twist to put in the yarn, too. I guess it will come with time. The Sweet Georgia is gorgeous!